Misfits Season 5 Episode 1 Review/Synopsis



The fifth and final season of Misfits is finally upon us. Episode 1 resumes from where we left off at the end of Season 4.misfits2

The episode starts off by showing us ‘The Handsome Barman’ Alex’s recovery in hospital, following on from his lung transplant after a member of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse stabbed him in the lung towards the end of Season 4. This lung came from somebody who had super powers, which transfer to Alex. The power gives him the ability to remove any woman of her powers, by having sex with her. We also meet a woman who begs to have sex with Alex as she wants her powers to be removed from herself.

We are introduced to a support group, which Rudy visits. At the support group, there is an elderly woman who can look into the future via her knitting. I think she will probably play a more important role towards the end of the season, as otherwise her introduction would’ve been pointless.

Meanwhile, Finn gets attacked by a scout leader who is possessed by Satan. After killing the scout leader, Finn himself becomes possessed by the Devil. He then possesses Rudy, Jess and Abbey, which leaves Alex as the only member of the gang who is not possessed. 


Alex uses his ability to “f*ck powers out of people” by knocking Finn out and performing anal sex on him. Finn is no longer possessed.

Later on, the elderly woman we met earlier gives Rudy a sweater that portrays the main characters as superheroes.

I overall felt that this was a strong opening for the season, and I felt that Rudy, as always, was the most entertaining of the characters. Misfits still has its blend of drama and occasional comedy, which stops things from getting too dark. My only criticism is that there wasn’t a great sense of danger, as it wasn’t very well established, due to the length of the episode.

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A great start to what promises to be a spectacular final season.

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