Opinion: Doctor Who’s Regeneration Limits ?


So, what is going on with the Regeneration Limit spoilers?  The news is something I think needs a lot more explaining.   This news just came to us who love Doctor Who.  The regeneration limit spoilers for the Doctor Who Christmas special.   Now as most of us have watched the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor.  We got a good idea of the regeneration for 8th Doctor to The War Doctor. So, as I have previously thought, there are actually 13th regeneration’s. And as Matt Smith explains, he is not the 11th Doctor, as we all have believed. And, as I had thought before there had to be more regeneration’s.

So, what does this mean?   This means, David Tennant’s Doctor 10th isn’t 10th.  9th isn’t 9th and 11th isn’t 11th.   It goes something more like, 9th is 10th, 10th is 11th and 11th is 12th.  So, that makes Peter Capaldi 13th. Wait. What?  My thought’s exactly.  How did we get to this point?  Let me give you my best opinion. In one of the episodes, and you’ll have to forgive me for the name of the episode escapes me right now. But, we saw Professor River Song use up all her regeneration’s to save his life.  After she tried to kill him.  Ha!

So, since that point, Matt Smith didn’t die and he also didn’t regenerate.  Basically as I see it, he got a few extra lives.  I’m not sure how many.  But, I want to know; and I’m sure a lot of us Whovians want to know, just how many lives does The Doctor get thanks to River Song? Ah yes, how many indeed.  I would like to believe he has hundreds more and the show will live to see it’s 100th Anniversary. That would be brilliant! I would love to see a lot more regeneration’s of The Doctor and I’m sure a lot of you would like to see that too.  But, how young would The Doctor get if we continued on with Doctor Who or how much older would he get?  This is where I get confused.  I would like to see a mix, like we’ve seen previously.  Okay, now that I’ve told you what I would like to see, let’s get down to…How did this happen?  We’ve heard from Steven Moffat several times that the number of regeneration’s is only twelve. But, fans have argued this many times.  But, because of the 50th Anniversary we saw in the end the entire Doctor’s lined up and there were thirteen in line.  And we heard it mentioned in the episode something a long the lines of “All Thirteen”.

Shot from 5oth Anniversary

Shot from 5oth Anniversary

So, Mr. Moffat, please explain to us fans how you could tell us there is only twelve Doctors.  And then come back and say thirteen.  I have gone over this many times, found many articles to find the truth.  Sadly, there is a lot of miss-communication between fans and Steven Moffat.  And I truly believe that Mr. Moffat only said twelve because he didn’t want to spoil the 50th Anniversary special or the coming Christmas special. And had to hide a lot from us fans.

On a finale note, I’m sure we’ll all learn the truth sooner or later. I’m still sticking with the thirteen or more regeneration’s. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a lot more. I am a die-hard Whovian and of course like many of you out there, I would love to see the show go on for future generation’s to enjoy Doctor Who as much as we all have.   Well, my dear Whovains.  Here’s to another 50 years of our beloved show.

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