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Once Breaking Bad ends, all that watch it need to come over to the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon. It’s a big bandwagon so don’t worry, we have plenty of room. Yet again creator Kurt Sutter has given the loyal fans a great episode. Once again I find myself wondering why it isn’t next Tuesday yet.

As with any SOA episode, there’s a lot more good than bad.  Jax & Clay’s meeting at the prison was a great scene. Clay is potentially the most dangerous person on this show yet again. He’s in prison for the murder of Damon Pope, a murder he did not commit. His decision on whether or not he will turn rat could determine what happens the rest of the series. Thankfully we don’t have to wait long for his decision. Clay is being prepared for his transfer when three men walk in. What happens next was a complete shock to me. Clay accepts his death and decides not to turn. He is thrown into solitary anyway. Why? Because Jax made a deal with August because the Irish will not work with Jax. They’ll only talk to Clay. He made August a silent partner in Cara Cara and gave up Tig. Tig has had this coming for a while now. SAMCRO would not be involved with August’s crew if Tig had not murdered Damon Pope’s daughter. This murder set off a chain reaction that led to the death of Opie which led to Lyla having to do torture porn, which led to getting involved with the Iranian porn crew, which led to SAMCRO having to put and end to them, which led to Tig killing one of those guys. Tig is the catalyst for a lot of bad stuff. As great as Kim Coates has been in this role, his time has run out. Kurt Sutter has come up with very conceivable ways to keep Clay alive but there’s no way Tig can get out of this.Sons-of-Anarchy-Season-6-Episode-3-Poenitentia-2-550x355

While we watch Clay in prison we must also pay close attention to Tara. She can also be a huge blow to the club. Her trial for her involvement in the murder of Toric’s sister is coming up and she’s now claiming to be 8 weeks pregnant. I don’t believe her at all. I think this is all a way for her to gain sympathy for the jury. She’s worki

ng secretly to divorce Jax and figure out a new guardian for her boys. By being completely away from SAMCRO a jury wouldn’t convict her. Toric is also breathing down her neck to turn on the club as well in exchange for witness protection. But once again this show wouldn’t be as good if another twist was thrown in. This twist’s name is Wendy. She showed up at the clubhouse this week and claimed there was a man that she was scared of. She told Gemma he was going to hurt her so Gemma gave her a gun. Cut to the end of the episode and Wendy’s bruised neck is fake! She wipes off the makeup and smiles in the mirror. Is she working with Tara in some capacity? It’s no secret that Tara wants Wendy to take the boys if something happens to her. But what would they be trying to gain???? SOA-Episode-3-590x333

I have some issues with this season so far though and my biggest concern was brought up again in this episode. I can’t decide whether Jax is a great leader and a tactical genius or he gets lucky. Jax has a pattern of always coming up with a last minute deal to save someone. Only time this has failed miserably is with Opie. He’s saved Clay, Tig and other members so many times with these last minute deals. I sometimes feel like its a bit of lazy writing but when I examine the deals as a whole, they make sense. My major issue with this though is that it is starting to make Jax look like an ineffective leader. Why can’t he come up with these plans before everything gets worse? It has also become crazy difficult to keep track of all the secrets he has. He hides too much from the club and that makes him appear very weak.

Donal Logue as Toric was also a gem since he began his appearances last season. Problem now is that after he murdered the hooker he spent the night with, he’s very unlikable. He went from being evil but likeable to a cold blooded monster. What I will praise though, is the twist with the murder of the hooker. Toric dropped her body off in a field and used Nero’s car. He’s trying to take the club down and Nero is definitely someone I can see turning on the club. He wants to get out of this way of life and this may be how he does it.

Overall this episode started off slow but finished great. It was a typical set up episode for SOA. Next week looks to be promising. What will happen to Tig? What’s the deal with Wendy faking an attack? Is Tara really pregnant? Is Jax starting to lose control of his club?



*stay tuned to my SOA articles. I am working on a series catch up feature and will do review/recaps for every episode going forward.*

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