Sherlock: Looking Forward In Season 3


What can I say about Sherlock that hasn’t already been said about the show. How about I’m not that big a fan about the show. Big shock I know, honestly I at first I only saw the one episode called ‘The Hounds of Baskerville’ about a year ago. But it wasn’t till my sister, who became a big fan of the show through Netflix decided to show me the entire series. Which sounds insane, but given the fact that it’s a British television series expect there to be fewer episodes then what you would expect from your average season of a TV series. After seeing all six episodes (yeah each season is 3 episodes each) I can see why this show is so popular and in some cases actually better then it’s American counterpart called Elementary.


For those who are wondering what Sherlock is about it’s basically a modern take on Sherlock that is loosely based on the actual original stories of Sherlock Holmes. Great examples would be the episodes ‘A Study in Pink’ and ‘The Hounds of Baskerville’. I think that this is pretty cool just retelling a classic story but showing it in a way that makes it it’s own thing.  In ways like Watson was an army doctor in a war in Afghanistan and Sherlock really hating the famous detective hat.

The characters are pretty much the same as their original counterparts but with modern take. I do think they did a good job finding actors to play the parts on the show. Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock shows how Sherlock is clever, insensitive and downright rude at times to most characters. There is just something that fans love about him that I just don’t see other then he can play Sherlock really well. Maybe it’s the voice or his looks I’m not sure.

Martin Freeman who plays Watson is one of the few things I like about the show. He plays as the straight man of the series. We see him deal with all the eccentric and/or powerful characters like Sherlock, his brother Mycroft, Moriarty and Irene Adler which I see makes him a more connectable character since we’re seeing what he sees for the first time. Although now that I think about it Freeman is a little typecast for this role, but for me it just works.


But out of all the characters in the series I have to say that Moriarty played by Andrew Scott is my favorite of the series. He just has this certain way he portrays the character that makes him a enjoyable villain. Especially in the last episode of season 2 were he goes out of his way to destroy Sherlock. Personally I think he is a better actor than Cumberbatch mostly because Scott can act as different people and you can believe he is a different person just from seeing his performance. Meanwhile we see Cumberbatch who’s best at just being Sherlock. Even if you ignore the films he’s been in this past year he has done great work as Sherlock and Sherlock only. I’m not saying Cumberbatch is a bad actor but I find he can’t act well when he tries to be somebody else on the show.

I have been hearing how Steven Moffet is better at writing Sherlock then Doctor Who and I can see that after watching both series. However it does kind of fall in the category on how Moffet is great at writing single episodes instead of a whole series. But I think that won’t be a problem in this series because each episode can easily be watched without having any idea what the series is about.

So far the past 2 seasons have been good and I think they did a terrific job at making a modern version of a great detective. Heck the prelude called ‘Many Happy Returns’ is a neat little acknowledge to the outcry of Sherlock fans who were angry Sherlock was dead and demanded his return while making Sherlock fan fiction. Some of the cases that Sherlock solved in the short sound ridicules when you hear it, but it keeps the fans pumped for season 3.

There are a few things I think will happen or what I hope to see in season 3. First I think Watson will get rid of his moustache when he goes back to working with Sherlock. I don’t know if you love it or hate it, but I think it’s got to go as a way for saying the characters are back in the game. Another thing would be that this would the last season. Now I know there are some probably shouting “NO” after reading that but think about it. The last episode of season 3 is called ‘The Last Vow’ which sounds like a loosely adaptation on the book called ‘His Last Bow’. But I’m probably wrong will get season 4 if season 3 does well.

However, I’m pretty sure we won’t see Moriarty again, which saddens me. But I pretty sure it’s going to be hard to bring back a character after that character shot him in the head. Although I do hope that Magnussen (the new villain on Sherlock) can bring something to the show that will keep you glued to the show. I am wondering a bit on Watson’s wedding, which has been mention to happen in the new season which would be cool to see Watson struggle with being married and working with Sherlock. Which hasn’t been seen on the show so far. All in all I’m a little curious about the premier of season 3 as I did like the first episode of season 2 and I hope the new episode will be just as good as the last season premier.

                        Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Jan. 1st on BBC One and  Jan. 19 on PBS

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