Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9 “Holy Terror”


***This Review Contains Spoilers***

This week we’re back on track following Sam and Dean further into the “main” storyline. “Holy Terror”, the ninth episode of the ninth season and midseason finale takes off with an epic battle between a Biker Gang and…a Church Choir? Indeed you might have guessed if you’ve been following along, that Angels are finding willing hosts wherever they can. Some, more obvious than others!

We are introduced to Malachi, leader of the band of deadly choir members among others.  He, as well as other Angels that are not loyal to Bartholomew, have taken up arms against him.  This feud continues throughout the episode resulting in several deaths which of course leads the Winchesters to the case.

Sam is noticing more and more that he is losing moments in time and Dean simply chalks it up to the trials Sam had undertaken. Despite the obviously he blindly accepts Deans reasoning and so we continue on.

After meeting up with Castiel at the Choir Lady / Biker Gang slaughter-fest posed as an agent, it’s not long before Ezekiel again re-enforces to Dean that he cannot be caught close to Castiel more so now than ever given the pile of dead Angels popping up.Holy Terror

After storming from the room Ezekiel (Sam) is approached by Metatron – where we discover that the Angel name is in fact Gadriel. (According to Metatron, Gadriel was the Angel responsible for guardian the Garden of Eden and was imprisoned for eternity after the fall of man) Metatron and Gadriel begin to conspire to “rebuild” heaven with only choosing certain Angels to return.

Now here is something you won’t see on a daily basis – an Angel praying.  Castiel kneels down and prays for aid and Muriel comes along; once she realizes it was in fact Castiel who was doing the praying, she is obviously quite afraid, terrified even.

As our dynamic duo keep connecting the dots to solve the case at hand, Muriel brings Castiel up to speed on the feud between Bartholomew and Malachi and that they are killing all those who do not chose a side.  A short time later the door is broken down, they’ve been found! As the scene changes we find Malachi, who is pleasantly surprised to have come across Castiel  while searching for Muriel – little care is shown towards Muriel as she is destroyed, Malachi is much more interested in what kind of information he can get from Castiel ; being that he’s been so involved with the events in heaven the past few seasons. Supernatural-cas

As Malachi leaves Cas to be tortured by one of his soldiers, he pleads with Castiel to grant an audience with Metatron. Using this to his advantage the tables quickly turn into his favor and as an added bonus, he gets his “mojo” (grace) back. With a quick phone call to Dean, Castiel breaks the news that the Angel Ezekiel had died when the Angels fell…

Cutting back to the conversation between our two Angel friends, we find Gadriel accepting Metatrons offer to be second in command.  The last thing Metatron needs in order to seal the deal is to neutralize imminent threats.  Gadriel is handed a yellow paper with the first item of his to-do list.

Back at the base Dean approaches Kevin to find a spell that might allow someone to speak to the human without the Angel knowing.  After they put up their sigils in the store room and explain how the spell is triggered, Sam returns from his, “beer run”.  Dean asks him to come speak with him and leads him to the store room. After cutting his hand and using his blood on the sigil, Dean explains to Sam what has happened since the Trails and all about the Angel that now lives inside him.  He urges Sam to expel the Angel; as Sam walks past Dean toward the door he blindside Dean, knocking him to the floor! Sam leaves the store room and walks toward Kevin, places his hand on his forehead and destroys him.

He then explains to Dean that he was aware of the sigil and altered it in order to change the spell.  He places the yellow card on the body’ chest, it reads: “Kevin Tran” – the item on his to-do list.

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