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Sweethearts of the Galaxy is an awesome comedy web series that shows the passion that people have towards cosplaying. It is no secret that cosplaying is still fighting for that recognition it deserves, and it truly does deserve it. Whether embodying comic book characters, other popular characters, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is how you represent them to the world. Doing this and being able to do it proudly without worrying about what others think of you, and the rest should be able to give those cosplayers respect for the passion they show towards a hobby just like anything else out there. The same way someone like me takes interest in LARPing, there is no difference between the creativity both put into their costumes or the roles they take on in character. Sweethearts of the Galaxy is focused on a cosplayer named Katelyn (played by Kit Quinn) who believes she really is the character Trinity Infinity she dresses up as for comic book conventions.

Sweetharts of The GalaxyNot even getting to watching this web series, the plot automatically drew me in. Sure anyone could call it enabling, but I love that anyone could do what these characters do and be proud about it. The neighbor Paul (played by David Dickerson), who has a crush on Katelyn, convinces her best friend Lilly (played by Lola Binkerd), along with Silvia (played by Tallest Silver) to devise comic book scenarios to help Katelyn cope with the real world. But the question that draws you in is “why”? The worst answer you could give is that she was too passionate, but how they handled this was better. In fact that was when you really started to feel that this series has pulled you in. In can be serious, but there is no lack of humor that doesn’t stick. The effort into making this feel real is fun for the characters and for us. You can be whatever you want to be, and that single thought sticks with you from start to finish. The belief in this is something I admire, along with that of the representation of women in cosplay and comics.

In general what you take out of this is how those around us should really support each other in such activities. Katelyn’s friends do and they do it knowing that the truth is just as harmful if not more than what she could do to herself believing that she’s a real superhero. To me, those are the kinds of friend you want to have around when things get tough. Now with that said I did find it entertaining to see Morgan (Paul’s jealous ex-girlfriend) take advantage of this situation to add a sense of realism to it all.

Now the perspective in balancing what Katelyn thinks is real and the real world, was something handled so well. There are real life consequences and you get that with every action Katelyn makes as Trinity Infinity when her friends can’t control her. At a point it turns into a struggle for self-identity in a world that doesn’t really accept the kind of person she wants to be. That journey really does engage you as you are put into a position where you offer this willing suspension of disbelief just as the characters in the series.

Sweetharts of The Galaxy3There really is no other way to say that Sweethearts of the Galaxy is worth your time watching. The time and effort put into making that illusion real is enough to suck anyone in regardless of your perception of cosplaying. With nine episodes, six to ten minutes each, you get the full experience from capturing supervillains, hacking machines, undercover work, to a full-fledged superhero versus supervillain brawl. Even with all that craziness it is all still down to Earth as the end of the series as you question the importance of believing in what isn’t real. Being able to take that belief and bring it to life. “If this is a fantasy, then I’m sane. If this is reality, then I’m crazy.”, it is hard not to have asked yourself this and if you’re someone like Katelyn or someone like me who’s passionate about comics, then they really hit all the right points to know their audience.

While I’d love to talk about the cast, there is no forgetting the work done by director and editor Dexter Adriano, the editor on USA Network’s long-running and beloved detective comedy Psych, now editor on Kevin Williamson’s The Following. Or how it’s written by Michael Premsrirat. Shot by Hassan Abdul-Wahid. And edited by Stephanie Goldstein (Grey’s Anatomy).

If you find yourself interested, and I hope you do, go see for yourself what this web series has to offer.

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Excellent web series that showcases the excitement that comes from cosplaying and the ability of those with such passion to offer up their suspension of disbelief to breathe life into their characters.

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