The Powerpuff Girls: “Dance Pantsed” Review


Back in 2012, former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr confirmed on his Youtube Channel that he will be doing voice over for a character in the upcoming Powerpuff girls special. Where Cartoon network, announced the special airing for December 16, 2013, and that change to January 20th, 2014. Which I have to say, they didn’t market it as much, being of how much of a hit it was in the early 2000’s and early 90’s.

You see The Powerpuff Girls was a groundbreaking and Emmy-winning series for Cartoon Network. Which produced many movies and specials during its years of airing. I was really pumped, in hearing about the news but yet was taken back a bit, when hearing that the creator of the series would not be joining. But being a fan that I am of good cartoon series, I gave it a watch, and I’m happy to report it was a solid special with some flaws.
The Special kicks off, by having all the original voice actors. From the little girls (Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup) to even one of the most beloved villains of all time Mojo Jojo. And this time around, Mojo Jojo kidnaps an opera singer, an upbeat and colorful mathematician (played by Ringo Starr), and a famous badger.  Which at first failed, but being Mojo Jojo, he found a way to getting back The Powerpuff girl by creating his very own video game.

A spin off game series of Dance Dance Revolution (a series 10 years old), ‘Dance Pantsed REVILution 2’ takes over the girls into evil robotic version of themselves. Sound simple? It was and it work well. By having the original voice actors, made the special more enjoyable. Seeing the original girls again, interacting with each other and seeing other characters like the Professor to even the mayor of Townville, can make any fan reminisce of the good old days. For example, there was a scene of the Professor getting into his lab and it felt like watching the intro of Dexter’s Laboratory. Not to mention the CGI art work well for this special. Compare to other series that I don’t understand why Cartoon Network wanted to do a CGI series for (yes, I’m talking to you Teen Titans Go). But with positives, there will be some negatives.

One being the pace of the episode, it felt too rushed, yes; past episode of The Powerpuff girls were also rush. But it had a pause for comedy and moments to think what just happen. Not with this one, it just jumps to one scene to the next without stopping.  There was one scene with Mojo that I had no idea what happen because it just went that quick and fast. And I found it quite annoying; also there were no massive action fight scenes, which the series were so well known in doing.  I guess that’s what happens for not having Craig McCracken (the creator) being apart of the special.

Overall, with the flaws it had. It still carried to be a good special with the return of the characters that many of us grew up too. It was so well done, that I think Cartoon Network should pick it up for a couple more specials or even a season (wishful thinking here).



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The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed was a good return of our favorite girls.

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