The Vampire Diaries: “500 Years of Solitude” Review


*****Read at Your Own Risk Spoilers ! *****

The 100th episode began with Katherine in the hospital fighting for her life after a heart attack. The doctors only gave her a day to live. But since Katherine is the biggest piece of work that has every come across The Vampire Diaries, half the crew end up drinking to Katherine’s death. The barrage of every terrible thing that Katherine has ever done with was a nice reminder of just how much she deserves to finally die.

Katherine’s daughter doesn’t see things the way everyone else does and looks for a plan to keep her mother around for a bit longer.Her plan requires help from the others. She’s one smart cookie and has a plan to force them to help her. She captures Matt and buries him in Stefan’s bank safe, with out the Gilbert Ring. Obviously, Stefan and Elena volunteer to go help. There was no way they could have know that the travelers Nadia was colluding with needed doppelgangers. It must have been really convenient that Stefan and Elena volunteered.

Nadia Petrova

Nadia Petrova

Trapped in the barn Nadia led them too, unable to leave due to their daylight rings not working, Stefan and Elena finally got to talk. Now that Elena knows about Stefan sleeping with Katherine, the tensions were high. Thankfully, Stefan wasn’t going to let an awkward moment stop them from working things through. Stefan doesn’t hold the hatred he rightfully could and doesn’t want to condemn Katherine for everything bad she did, but wanted to recognize the good. He also played the good guy in regard to Elena and Damon’s break up. He knows how much Damon cares for Elena and tries to make Elena see that Damon is filled with self-hatred of his past actions.Stefan doesn’t want Elena to give up on Damon, jut like she wouldn’t give up on him. And just like that the blood the travelers were pulling from them reached what they needed and the two were free to go.

It was great to see Katherine coming to terms with her impending death. She saw her body aging and knew that it was coming. Even though Nadia also knew this was an eventuality that was going to pass, she couldn’t give up the mother she had just found after lifetimes. Nadia is insistent that Katherine transfer her consciousness and use her ability as coming from a traveler lineage. When Katherine continues to refuse, Nadia gives up and storms out.

Despite Katherine’s words of assurance that she is ready to move on, her flashbacks and conscious meldings of the past with her current feelings prove something entirely difference. Throughout the episode we see how Katherine has been tormented particularly by the loss of her child. It was rather ironic that now that she had the opportunity to spend more time with Nadia, she chose to go. Only when she finally crossed over she freaked out and managed to jump back into her body. After receiving an apology from Elena, Katherine exacted her ploy and began impersonating Elena yet again, this time using her traveler ability.

Bonnie and Jeremy

Bonnie and Jeremy

It wouldn’t be a 100th episode if they didn’t bring back the show’s heavy hitters. Klaus was the first of the Originals to make his appearance and returned for a little reunion with Caroline. It was a nice tie in to The Originals, as they referenced Caroline’s break up with Tyler. The dynamic between Klaus and Caroline has always been interesting. When Klaus is around Caroline there is a boyish glee to him that is never seen any other time. Klaus truly loves Caroline as much as Klaus the vindictive Original hybrid can. It was nice for Caroline to finally admit that she had feelings for Klaus after so long. The two would make for a tumultuous on screen relationship that would be a joy to watch. It’s interesting that Caroline’s confession of her feelings came under the terms that Klaus would walk away from her life forever. If he holds true to his word, this may mean we could see her appearance on The Originals.

It was a nice moment to see Matt come up with fresh air only to see Rebekah. Matt and Rebekah had a wonderful chemistry that was cut short before it really had a chance to blossom into anything more. I really wish that we got to see more of the two together as her presence made Matt more than just a plot device. Maybe he and Caroline can go on a road trip to New Orleans.

There were a few more guest appearances by past characters including Matt’s sister who made a jab at Rebekah. Tyler strolling back in as a peace greeting from Rebekah. Also Alaric made his return as the ever present watcher of the group.

For a 100th episode, it could have packed in a bit more punch, but I don’t have much to complain about. They kept the story moving forward and managed to drop another bombshell. There were some great revelations and interactions between the characters that have been a long time coming. The plot could have been more solid as Nadia’s plan seemed a bit haphazard. It was hard to believe she could manage to set up such a big dupe against everyone. Then again Nadia is still relatively new and we need to learn a lot more about her. Negativity aside, the episode left me full of smiles and excited to see what is next to come for the characters. That is what a show is supposed to do anyway, make you want to come back for more, right?

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"500 Years of Solitude" is a good reminder of why you love The Vampire Diaries, but you can't ignore the contrived plot.

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