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It took Nadia getting bit by Tyler and beginning to die for Katherine to finally show some care for Nadia. Unwilling to let her daughter die, she enlists the help of Wes. He claims that he can use Nadia’s poisoned blood to synthesize a cure from the venom coursing through her. It didn’t prove beneficial as Nadia was taken from the chapel before she could be cured, not that it could have ever happened. I almost felt triumphant when it was revealed that I was right and Wes was never going to help Nadia. He was in it for the research to harness the werewolf blood. Wes had a singular driven mind, thinking he would do anything else than benefit himself was foolish. Katherine may have been desperate to ask for his help, but the idea that he ever would help was ludicrous.

The rest of the group is finally realizing that they completely let Katherine skate under their noses for weeks. Damon claims he knew from the beginning, explaining away his tirade. Matt is unbelieving that Nadia and Katherine could do such a thing. Tyler feels vindicated for noticing that something was up and unapologetic that Nadia was bit in the process of it all.



The group is now taking action and trying to stop the Petrovas. This means Bonnie and Jeremy go to enlist the help of the new witch. It was awkward as she hit on Jeremy repeatedly in front of Bonnie. If there was no reason to like her and as she continued, I had even less reason. Bonnie and Jeremy have been through a lot of crap. They don’t need an outsider needling their way in and making it worse.

Katherine and Nadia realize that the rest of the group knows what is going on with them. So know everyone knows what everyone knows and they are all just playing games now. Things get worse when Damon kills Wes before he could find a cure for Nadia. To make it even worse, Nadia was taken while Katherine was out. As Nadia went through her final moments it was strange to see Matt so emotional about losing her. Sure there was a brief something between them, but Nadia has done nothing but treat him poorly. Time and time again, Matt has come running to Nadia’s side. It doesn’t make any sense that he continually does this when she has no right to deserve his sadness. That is part of what makes Matt such an empathetic character.

This week featured flashbacks as we learned how Nadia found out information about her mother. Also how she began her relationship with Matt. One flashback indicated that Katherine had once gone to see Nadia as a child. The memories she went through had no where near the same impact as some of the other death scenes that we saw.

Damon is still locked up under the house and other than claiming he knew all along. Caroline did the math and found out how much vampire blood Damon needs to be sustained. He isn’t too happy about the meager amount of blood, but it’s getting the job done. To make sure that he doesn’t go all crazy and kill all the vampires in the group, he requires someone to be watched. During Tyler’s watch, he proves that he’s not that smart. Damon provoked him and manged to get Tyler to enter the room so he could get the strength to break free by feeding on Tyler.

Bonnie and Katherine

Bonnie and Katherine

After the loss of Nadia, Katherine made her final stand. She went from person to person indicating how she helped make them who they were. It felt extremely heavy handed and she spelled out the reasons that none of them would actually go so far as to kill her. Katherine was wrong though as Stefan stabbed her, effectively casting Katherine from Elena’s body. Katherine Pierce (Petrova) is finally dead and on the other side for only mediums and Bonnie to see. Even though Katherine may be dead, she went out swinging. Elena may have her body back, but she also has the same ripper virus that Damon does. Oh and to make matters a little bit worse, Katherine is being prohibited to pass through like all other supernaturals.Instead she was pulled to some unknown place that I’m sure we’ll find out later on.

Caroline finally took a stand for herself. It was something that was long needed as she continually pandered to Tyler’s hurt needs. Caroline made a decision after Tyler left. What is most ridiculous about the situation is that Tyler thinks he can hold Caroline’s decision over her head. Caroline’s decision to stand up for herself was needed completely.

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"Gone Girl" marked the loss of one of the Petrova women in a strong send off.

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