The Vampire Diaries: “Rescue Me” Review


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Stefan’s doppelganger works at Atlanta metropolitan Hospital and his name is Tom. That is all we know about him other than that the travelers want him dead.

Damon and Elena are an interesting pair. Damon is truly in love with her and is completely infatuated and compelled by her. Elena however is willing to at least give this time apart thing a try. They aren’t good together, but they are perfect for one another, doesn’t mean it’s anything that will ever be easy.

vampire-diaries-rescue-reviewDespite the break, they are immediately thrown together as they both attend Jeremy’s parent teach night. They can’t seem to keep it together as they are both throwing jabs at each other as the teacher tries to inform them of Jeremy’s school troubles. even still they make claim that they will work things through. Damon can’t get enough of her and Elena feels the same way even though she has the willpower to resist.

Caroline is starting to get her threat on now that Stefan’s life is in danger again. Even Enzo was surprised by the threats coming from Caroline. Enzo is fascinated by Caroline and her determination to keep him at arm’s length. In fact, Enzo seems to have a liking for Caroline and is imparting his observations of her. Considering he seems to have a liking for her, it must be hard for him to see her so distressed by Stefan being hurt. At the end of the day Caroline can’t do the killing, but Enzo can. Turned out Enzo was right when he thought Caroline wouldn’t kill as Caroline helped Tom escape.

Even though she helped him escape, she’s still having visions of killing Tom. This is stemmed mostly from the idea that his death means helping Stefan. She cares about him and they’ve been extremely close since Stefan lost his memory. But Caroline is a good girl and sets Tom up so he can go free. However, before they can leave the city, Enzo kills Tom making Stefan the last of his doppelgangers. Enzo had every need to do it because the travelers have the woman he loves, but it also benefited Caroline. When she returned Stefan seemed to know that Caroline wouldn’t kill time. it was also kind of sweet seeing Caroline and Stefan canoodling as they are probably the one pair that match best personality wise.

Liv, our witch, and her brother, Luke, are up to something that involves discovering what the travelers are up to. Some why they are also linked to Hazel a witch trying to protect Tom Avery from the travelers. Liv’s first move was to ask Jeremy for help since he is a hunter and can’t be manipulated by the travelers. On that topic, I know they covered this last season, but I’m surprised Jeremy isn’t still going kill crazy whenever there are new vampires around. He hasn’t made any real moves to try to kill Enzo even if they’ve only been around each other once or twice. Either way, they move from the convert Jeremy plan onto a new plan.

vampire-diaries-rescue-reviewThe new plan involves Elena and killing her. Thankfully, Damon was around to save her from getting staked by Liv. Damon ties her up to find out what they are wanting to do. Live informs them that when Stefan’s final doppelganger is killed the travelers will come after Elena. It’s still unclear of what the travelers are trying to do, but considering that even the witches don’t want it to happen, it must not be good. Damon decides that the best thing they can do is kill Liv before Liv tries to use or kill Elena. Sure, Damon may have trust issues, but that’s old news. Jeremy steps in before Damon can kill her with claims that Damon’ll have to kill him first. Elena eventually concedes to trust Jeremy in that Liv wants to keep Elena safe.

Jeremy makes a deal with Liv and Luke, despite Luke’s protests. Liv and Luke protect Elena at all costs and Jeremy will make sure that the travelers are stopped before they can make their move. The only condition is that Jeremy won’t do it unless Tyler and Matt are in on the deal. While it was nice seeing the guys bonding, I’m not sure how much help Matt can be in this situation. Again, Matt is just a lowly human with nothing going for him other than being a loveable character. With the deal, Jeremy also decided to move out of the house and in with Matt and Tyler.

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"Rescue Me" was filled with more whining and bickering than one would have liked and a lot of circling about what the travelers where up to. In the end, we learned it was up to no good.

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