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Katherine admitted to Matt that she is in Elena’s body almost immediately. Poor Matt is always the butt of everything bad. With the help of Nadia, Katherine is going around co-opting help to be in control of Elena’s body. I would expect Katherine to be a terrible person yet again, but I wasn’t sure that Nadia was going to join the definitive baddie group. But that’s exactly where she is headed with each selfish and cruel act she does. Before Katherine can permanently get control of Elena’s body Nadia needs to get Katherine’s body. Thankfully, Damon is being stubborn won’t give up Katherine’s body.

Stefan is not being helpful on the keeping Katherine’s body hidden front. In his defense, he doesn’t know that Katherine is currently in Elena’s body. He is trying to help Damon get Elena back and even enlisted a reluctant Caroline. Elena is good for Damon and there’s no denying that. It is great to see Damon really invested in Elena, but it is rather against his natural character. Even still, it’s hard not to root for the pair of them because when they were together they were the most joyous either character has been.

Nadia and Katherine

Nadia and Katherine

People were very aware of Elena being missing in action which was good, considering Elena is the heart of the show. Smartly, she made her appearance at one of Tyler’s parties to quell the growing fears. Katherine has impersonated Elena dozens of times, but she is always found out. She can never really nail Elena’s traits, but she always manages them to trick them for just long enough. In this case, she got a lead on where her body was hidden. Thing seem to be in Katherine’s favor when Katherine’s body really is in the tomb Damon had thought her to be in for 200 years.

Elena may have general terrible luck, but she frequently manages to take control of her situations and twist them to her advantage. When Elena snaps back into herself during the ritual to bin Katherine to Elena’s body, she manages to keep it together long enough to temporarily trick Nadia and break out. Even though Elena may have freed herself, the traveller doing the spell can still proceed with the spell. It was finished.

Katherine may now have control of Elena’s body, but there was a moment when Elena made it to the safety of Damon’s arms and all could have been right. Katherine’s first act in her new body was to permanently crush Damon and solidify the Damon and Elena break up. The look on his face was devastating as he realized that he’d lost the best thing in his life. Katherine’s next act was to kill the traveler who performed the spell to tie up a loose end. To round things off Katherine declared that she wasn’t going to go off traveling with Nadia around the world. Instead, she declared that she was staying in Mystic Falls and she was going to win back Stefan.

Enzo returned to cause some trouble for everyone. Now that he’s loose on the world with no one there to stop him and his time locked up has made him vengeful. He bombards and brings Aaron Whitmore to Damon’s home for Damon to kill. Unwilling to betray Elena, he incapacitates Enzo and leaves Aaron safe for now. But Before he sends Aaron off, he compels him to leave and never come back. Unfortunately, after Damon was brusquely dismissed he killed Aaron with Enzo at his side. We’ve just seen the return of bad Damon. He’s no ripper like Stefan, but he sure knows how to have fun and leave a body trail.

Matt and Tyler

Matt and Tyler

The return of Damon in the way he was first envisioned on the show as the major antagonist is a great change of pace. I’m glad he has a partner to come along with him. From the one scene were it was made clear that he’d returned to his old ways, it seems more as an act of rebellion than how he truly feels. He pined for Elena for so long. While he repeatedly did underhanded things, he always did it to benefit Elena. Time and time again, he’s proven that he loves her, losing that has devastated him. Now, he’s acting out and being encouraged. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the group reacts to Damon’s most recent outlook on life.

Have I mentioned how terrible Katherine is? If I haven’t she had a golden moment with Caroline. After seeking counsel from her best friend, Caroline admitted it was Klaus she had slept with. Katherine felt the best thing to do was draw out this conversation so Tyler could hear, knowing that it would enrage Tyler. So much, for the Caroline and Tyler reunion, that was in the making. Way to go Katherine. In an attempt to patch things up, Caroline tried to talk and explain. Tyler seems to have depression issues and turns to drinking when he can’t cope with his emotions, which resulted in him saying some nasty things to Caroline. Thankfully, Stefan stepped in and broke up the verbal abuse and called Tyler out on his behavior. Stefan also played a bit of cheer me up and reassured Caroline that she isn’t the awful person she felt like.

At the end of the day, The Vampire Diaries follow up episode to its 100th, wasn’t quite as strong as the stakes really weren’t built up. We didn’t get to see Elena really fighting back much, or anyone trying to help her. Instead, it was fairly certain that Katherine was going to gain permanent control of Elena’s body, despite the occasional hurdle. Thankfully, this episode set up a lot of situations that will play out in a far more interesting way.

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"The Devil Inside"was a set up episode that proved The Vampire Diaries crew still can't tell the difference between Katherine and Elena after all these years.

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