The Vampire Diaries: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Review


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I’m both surprised and not at the same time as Katherine espouses about how life is perfect now that she’s in Elena’s body. She isn’t going around causing trouble because by stepping into Elena’s life, she now has everything that she wants. Damon is out of her life and Stefan is on the market. She has friends, she’s a vampire, and everyone loves and care about her. Imitating Elena is such a great thing for her and you can really tell in the way she’s behaving. However, as long as she is imitating Elena, she needs to project feelings that the real Katherine would never feel. For example, pretending to care about Jeremy. I have to give it to Katherine that he initial show of caring was good. It was hilarious that she stormed off to make a pros and cons list of saving Jeremy and could only think of pros that would garner her sympathy from Stefan. With Jeremy safe, she was still able to weasel her way into Stefan’s affections.

It is an interesting concept that Katherine really was in love with Stefan and that they were meant to be. That might suggest that maybe Elena could have been with Damon and made the other happen. Regardless, Katherine is doing her best to get with Stefan and isn’t going to let Caroline’s projections get in the way.

Caroline and Stefan

Caroline and Stefan

Stefan is meanwhile shaming Damon for his little hunt on the last Whitmore heir that left a giant mess of their home and Aaron’s blood all over the car. Damon and Enzo are a bit of a heartless pair and its nice seeing Damon be bad, since it’s not something we’ve fully seen since season one. The dynamic duo is causing more trouble and are on a mission to bring down Wes. In one brief scene they extract information from the cop on campus and kill her for covering up the vampire murders. Thankfully, Stefan isn’t taking kindly to all the cohorting Enzo is doing with Damon. He doesn’t want to see his brother devolving into an amoral vampire again. Getting Enzo out of the picture is the first step to getting a more caring Damon back.

It wouldn’t be The Vampire Diaries if someone didn’t have some intense drama and this time it’s all Damon’s fault, He is still out to cause trouble with whatever plan is currently spinning in his head. For whatever reason that involves kidnapping Jeremy. Bu he really wasn’t after Jeremy for anything, but Bonnie’s connections. Damon needs a witch to help locate Wes. Just Bonnie’s luck, she noticed a witch in class and with a little help from Caroline, Bonnie corners the girl into doing the locator spell. When the spell doesn’t pan out properly, Enzo begins to torture Jeremy. it was pretty grotesque as Enzo suffocated him with plastic. Somehow in this Elena managed to resuscitate him. Also the witch got the spell done.

This was the second show this week to banish one of the main characters. After Damon’s tryst with nearly killing Jeremy, Stefan told Damon to never come back. It worked out that Damon didn’t have any intention of doing that. When something that bold happens in a show like this, it can turn out two ways. Either the character steps into a new arena, or into trouble. For Damon, it was the latter as he confronted Wes, only for a cluster of witches to incapacitate him and Enzo. When they awake, rather than being locked up, they are alone. But We managed to do what he needed and infected Damon with the work he’d been doing. Similar to the vampire early in the season, Damon is now driven to drink vampire blood, instead of human blood. Even Enzo now realizes their plan maybe wasn’t well thought out and this is very bad.

Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood

The Augustine project is back into the forefront in this episode. Wes is quickly approached by a mysterious woman, Sloane, to fund his experiments. She also brings news of Aaron’s death and that Wes is next..As much as Wes was the target of everything, he didn’t appear much in the episode. His final appearance did leave an impact as he turned Damon’s world upside down.

As the series moves forward, Nadia is really stepping into the role of the evil bitch to hate. It’s hard to hate Katherine as much, even if she’d trapped Elena because she isn’t causing any actual trouble. It is totally different for Nadia though, who seems to have other plans that she wants to push her mother into. Nadia could hardly care about Katherine’s desire to get with Stefan.

Moving forward, the challenge has become more intense as it isn’t just important to get Elena back, but now we need to contend with Damon’s thirst for vampire blood. Even if Stefan cast Damon out of his home, there’s no way he’ll let his brother suffer like this. It would be one thing if Damon was just off being bad, But Damon is out there killing his own kind like some sort of compulsion.

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"Total Eclipse of the Heart" moved the Augustine Project plot forward in an interesting way, but only Tyler seems to realize something shady is up with Katherine and Nadia

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