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Last week may have only show us two story lines which converged on each other in terms of Rick and Carl and Michonne. While, last week’s The Walking Dead was very much about Carl and Michonne recognizing that their perceptions need to change, this week was was more crammed with informing us about the other characters. One of the best things this episode was the way the visual cues tied in with other characters stories. As we weaved through each group we learned more of what happened to each of them after the event at the prison. Interestingly the first group we encounter is actually the farthest in the future. With each group we step closer back to the actual event. it was a unique story telling method that suited the episode well.

Beth and Daryl


Beth and Daryl

The episode Inmates began with Beth doing a voice-over of her first journal entry from when she arrived at the prison. The entry was filled with hope as she espoused about how great the prison will be for them. The prison was a beacon of hope initially. It was a beautiful juxtaposition to Beth and Daryl’s flight from the zombies. As they ran and fought, the prison that once was hope is not disaster and a possible cause of their demise. As they find traces of others, each clue seems to suggest people from the group were in trouble.

It was great seeing Beth fight against giving up. She needs to find their people. She needs to track them and reunite. More than anything in the world, she needs to maintain hope that they weren’t the only ones who survived. This was a very different girl than the one who wanted to kill herself back on the farm. Beth chose to live and she is doing it with every fiber of her being. Not only that, but she is maintaining the hope her father instilled in her. In this instance, she needs to inspire Daryl who seems to have lost faith. Daryl has reached a dead point. I think he was in the same frame of mind as Michonne last episode, he’s switched into survival mode, rather than trying to live. Thankfully he has Beth to keep him going.

Tyrese, Lizzie, & Mika


Tyrese, Lizzie, and Mika

At first it appeared that Lizzie and Mika were alone, only for a backwards walking Tyrese to appear with baby Judith clutched to his chest. It was a great reveal especially after last week’s reminder that others thought Judith was dead. It was rather hilarious to see Tyrese playing Mr. Nanny with the girls. He is coaching these girls as they squabble about how they need to survive. As they bumbled about, everything they did left the tracks that Beth and Daryl found.

Tyrese clearly is not someone who should be taking care of kids long term. He left the girls alone in the woods as we went to go check out a ruckus ahead. He went to see if it was others in the group and that shows that he really is a caring person, even if his judgement isn’t the best. When Carol strolls up behind him with the girls, it was not only a great reveal, but tension filled. As the audience we know why Carol hasn’t been around and that if he knew what she had done, he’d be at her throat. Instead, he embraced her truly happy to have someone who could help. He embraced her happy to see someone he knew. It was a great moment, which will make the eventual reveal of what Carol did more intense. As for Carol, I’m surprised she even risked going back to the prison, but boy am I glad to see her. Over the series she has grown into a very interesting character.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss Lizzie and her perversion. Mika sees that her sister is twisted and has voiced her opinion, but seeing Lizzie do heinous things is different. Lizzie doesn’t see zombies like everyone else does. Lizzie is more fascinated by their death rather than viewing them as a threat. She’s also beginning to develop some disturbing habits. In one quick shot, we saw Lizzie murdering rabbits out of view of the others. Later in the episode, Lizzie is shown smothering Judith to keep her quiet. There was a perverse light and a twist in the way the scene was shot that seemed to indicate that Lizzie was taking some perverse satisfaction over the act. She seems to be adopting the characteristics of Ben from the comics. If that is the case, Mika better watch her back because we have a budding sociopath on our hands.

Sasha, Maggie, & Bob


Sasha, Bob, and Maggie

I’ll be honest, I was hoping Bob wasn’t going to make it out of the prison, even if I knew he would after the comments he made earlier in the season. Sasha, like at the prison, is taking lead of things. She has a plan to stick near the water and stay safe, move on and find a place. While Sasha may be content with leaving her loved ones to fend for themselves (her brother, Tyrese, seems to be doing the opposite), Maggie isn’t going to stop until she’s done everything she can to find the bus.

This segment really was the Maggie show as it was her journey that really drove the entire thing. Maggie watched her father die, was separated from her sister, and watched the place she called home burn. There was no way that she was just going to let Glenn go without putting up a fight. The last she knew Glenn was on the bus and when they found it full of infected she was more panicked than upset. She needed to be certain and took care of all the bus walkers, including the last one. The look of pure happiness on her face when she realized that none of the bus walkers were Glenn.

Glenn and Tara


Glenn and Tara

Glenn didn’t stay on the bus, instead he got out to help the others at the prison. Considering he was in such bad condition when he was pushed onto the bus, it isn’t surprising that after exuding so much energy he’d pass out. Thankfully, he was out of reach of all the walkers. After a quick nap and some foraging of the now abandoned cells, he suited up in riot gear and started to make his way out of the prison. As he was leaving, he noticed Tara locked in a gate pretty much emotionally dejected. Rather than leave her to her own, he enlisted her help and in the process helped her.

The range of emotions Tara must have been feeling must have been ridiculous. Her sister and niece died. Her new girlfriend died. Oh and the man she housed and trusted turned out to be a maniacal crazy manipulator who waged a war on people who turned out to be good people. Her whole world has pretty much been turned upside down. Then up walks Glenn, one of the people her people attacked and he helps her, even though he knows of her involvement. I was glad that Tara was brought along rather than left. She seemed truly distraught when the battle started and ducked out. She was truly scared and unsettled.

Final Moments
To cap the episode off, when Glenn and Tara were finally free of the prison they encountered some characters fans have been waiting for all season. In a mimic of The Walking Dead Issue 53’s cover, we were introduced to Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.

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Bottom Line

"Inmates" filled in the blanks of what has been going on with the characters since the prison raid. Filled with interesting character survival reveals and ways of connecting various group's journeys, the episode left a good taste in the mouth.

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