Top TV Couples We Love


With this being the Valentine’s Day weekend, we over at GeekedOutNation decided to put together a list of the couples that make us believe in love. Couples across television that just make us wish we were them.  We have come up with a list that is sure to give us friendly reminders that love is out there no matter your situation.

Glenn and Maggie, “The Walking Dead”

The-Walking-Dead-the-walking-dead-32297711-1600-1200My favorite couple on TV right now is Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead. They found love in a post-apocalyptic world. They remain together through thick and thin. You can tell they truly love each other. And her father got to see her happy before he was killed. – Andrew McDonald

Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson, “The Vampire Diaries”

Caroline and Klaus (Klaroline, if you’re big on portmanteaus) have been a disaster couple in the making for the next couple of seasons. Sure, they may not be official and Caroline may have shredded the beautiful pony painting he gave her, but I still have hope. After years of waiting, Caroline finally admitted to her attraction to Klaus, followed by the obligatory hook up. The chemistry between the two characters has been fantastic since the beginning. Being in New Orleans certainly isn’t going to stop an Original from getting what he wants. And I doubt Caroline could resist. I’m anxiously waiting to all the opportunities and series crossovers that may come of their relationship. – Ashley Dominique

Sam and Dean Winchester, “Supernatural”


Sam and Dean may not be in a romantic relationship, but the love between these supernatural fighting brothers is real. Over the past nine seasons we’ve seen the ins and outs of their relationship through Hell and Purgatory and they stand strong. The brothers may be having a rough patch at the moment, but there’s no doubt in my mind we’ll see their quip-py love shining through again. – Ashley Dominique

Belle and Rumplstiltskin, “Once Upon A Time”


Belle and Rumplstiltskin are characters on ABC’s fantasy drama ‘Once Upon A Time’. Belle and Rumple’s love is a perfect example of how love can sustain hope. Belle first meet Rumple when she became prisoner in his castle. Rumplstiltskin believed himself a monster and even with true love’s kiss from Belle, the beast held onto his hatred letting his happiness slip away. However Belle never lost hope and when the curse was lifted from Storybrooke Belle and Rumples’ love was tested again when Belle lost her memory and Rumplstiltskin tried to win her back.

After realizing he could not win her back being something he was not Belle fell in love with his darker side. No matter whether Rumple was good or evil Belle’s love from him never faded but sadly they’re love seems to have come to an end when Rumplstiltskin sacrifice himself to protect his family from his father Peter Pan leaving Belle heartbroken. – Sapphire Yagami

Richard Castle and Kate Beckett, “Castle” 


For me the best couple in television would have to be Rick Castle and Kate Beckett from Castle. From the first episode you could just tell these characters were attracted to each other. From there we see them working together and getting closer with each other. Till finally they get together by the end of season 4. Already we’re half way through season 6 and they are getting their plans done for their wedding. You can see that they care for each other. Will help and protect each other through thick and thin. When it involves a murder case, mysteries or conspiracies you know that they’ll be on the case while still having time for each other. – Ian Yoxon

Monroe and Rosalee, “Grimm”

Grimm has brought us many things over the past 2 years, most of which have been devilishly fun cliff hangers but aside from that we have Monroe (the big bad wolf himself, know as a blutbod), but venetarian here and the ‘comely apothicary’ Rosalee (a fox like Vessen, known as a fuchsbau). Now there relationship is one more of words, or at least what we see of it as they develop their affections for one another bare fruit. But it’s more about what they represent, in the world of Grimm its two different species getting together and it’s more than frowned up so I can only hope they continue to thrive in their relationship as its quite touching to watch. – David Wyatt

Frank & Claire Underwood, “House of Cards”


We are really not supposed to like these people. They’re cold, ruthless and their marriage is basically a business merger. Power is what they crave and they could care less who they hurt to get there. Their ruthlessness has destroyed the lives of multiple people including an expectant mom and an upstart journalist. If a person has no use for them then the Underwood’s do not want them. There’s a strange passion between these two as seen when they smoke a cigarette together every night. It’s in this moment that they bond. They do love each other though despite the business like arrangement of their marriage. Claire is the perfect politician’s wife and Frank is the perfect (at least outwardly) politician. Whatever it is they have, it works.  – Jess Camacho

Phil & Claire Dunphy, “Modern Family”


The Ideal picture that opposites attract, Phil and Claire are one of the closest things we have to a real life everyday couple, or at least one we all wish we had. Sometimes two people are so different that their differences make them perfect for each other, they just balance each other out. Phil being a little immature and a child at heart and Claire being over protective and controlling make for some of the best parenting seen on TV in some time.

Lily Aldrin & Marshall Eriksen, “How I Met Your Mother”


It’s been 9 long years since we were introduced to Marshall and Lily and since the first episode, this couple has captured our hearts. They’ve taught us that being in love doesn’t mean giving up on the night life and going out for drinks. Marshall and Lilly may not be your ideal grown up couple but they are arguably the most stable and happy couples on television. Introducing us to so many ways to be happy in a relationship Lily and Marshall will be missed when HIMYM goes off the air this year.

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