The Vampire Diaries: “What Lies Beneath” Review


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Tyler wakes up to being kissed by a traveler named Maria, who believes he is currently Julian. Maria doesn’t seem to realize that it isn’t Julian inside, but Tyler. However, he isn’t able to hide it for very long and Tyler decides to shift, but by the time she gets help, Tyler has already shifted. He is quickly back to the Salvatore brothers with a report of what happened with the travelers.

What Lies BeneathOur doppelgangers, Stefan and Elena, head to Caroline’s family cabin for them to hide along with Damon as well. The situation forces the three together while Elena is forced to keep the secret Stefan is keeping from Damon. It also makes Damon have to confront his feelings for Elena. It’s tearing him up that he has to stay away to hurt less and that Enzo nearly killed her.

Bonnie is spending the weekend alone with Jeremy and also keeping the secret that when the other side breaks she will go with it. When Jeremy leaves the room for a moment, Bonnie’s grandmother comes to visit her. shes disappointed that Bonnie isn’t giving jeremy the truth because he deserves better. But during their talk she is able to knock over a lamp indicating that those on the other side can no influence the living world. Which also means that Enzo who is haunting Stefan and Elena can also touch the world.

Caroline is convinced that Stefan and Elena’s hushed talking and awkward moments are a sign that they are getting back together and shares this thoought with Demon. Then after characdes go awry they play a bit of never have I ever. Things got really awkward as suspeicion of Elena and Stefan’s relationship and Enzo’s location are put on the table. When Enzo pushes Elena under the water, the truth was made clear to everyone in the cabin. And more importantly, Damon now knows that Stefan is dead. Caroline’s rage over Elena not telling her about what happened. Damon on the other hand is more angry that Stefan never told him. He’s over it and wants to make sure that his brother and ex girlfriend are still safe.

Jeremy and Matt, tie up Tyler and force the traveler Julian to come back. They are going to torture Julian until they get the answers that they want. meanwhile, Marcos is furious that Maria was a fool and sends her on a mission to make Julian permanent. Tyler and Matt get that same answer out of Julian. Jeremy and Bonnie go after finding Julian’s body. Which leads to the big question, if the traveler’s already have bodies that are being stored, why then do they need bodies. Nevertheless, Maria arrives and takes Julian’s body before Jeremy and Bonnie. The travelers do their spell and Tyler switches over to being Julian. Thankfully, we know that it’s possible for a traveler can be cast out after permanently gaining control of a body. We have evidence of this because of Elena, which is exciting, but nerve wrecking. Things could go very wrong, but as long as Julian is in captivity there’s a chance for Tyler to be saved.

What Lies BeneathDamon and Stefan find the missing Luke tied up in the store house. The wood is all covered in gas and once the Salvatore frothers are inside Enzo sets it ablaze. But Damon was able to rationalize with Enzo. He realizes that if he can do all of the stuff he is then the other side is breaking down. Damon makes a promise to find a way to get Enzo back before everything goes belly up where he is. Enzo lets him go, but Damon still takes out his rage on Stefan. At least he promised that it was over. But the look Damon gave Elena really made it seem like things were finally done with them. But in fact, Damon was just holding it together to prove to Elena that he could. Damon kissed Elena just to make himself feel better about everything.

And then he walked away. Which was rather unfortunate considering the moment he walked away the travelers emerged to take Elena. I’m also assuming they got Stefan based on the look he gave after he admitted to Caroline that he didn’t mean to hurt her when he lied to her.

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In "What Lies Beneath" our crew did everything they possibly could to rival against the travelers, while dealing with Enzo's ghost doing it's best to kill them all.

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