The Vampire Diaries: “Man on Fire” Review


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Elena is still reeling from her banishment from her Life. But she has time to commiserate with Stefan and Bonnie. Thankfully, they acknowledged that Bonnie was in major pain and the worlds she’s bound two are crossing and falling apart. Bonnie and Liv seem to be getting along a bit better, though I still don’t understand Liv’s motive to keep Bonnie out.

The Lockwood home is a thorough mess with three guys living there alone. They realized that they lost the traveler knife. Just at that moment Damon arrived to borrow the traveler knife to dispatch some of the twon travelers. Matt broke the news that it was lost and the last person who saw it was Tyler. Damon was quick to connect the dots that it wasn’t surprising that it was Tyler who was missing who last had the knife.

Man on FireTurns out Enzo found out that Maggie was slaughtered in 1960 in Mystic Falls. He makes the conclusion that since Stefan was the Ripper he was the one who tore Maggie’s head from her body. Stefan of course denies, but Enzo had prepared. he’d captured Luke and threatened his life if Liv didn’t use her magic as he said, aka torturing Stefan and Elena. Unfortunately, the scene really lacked all tension as Bonnie lacksidasically came to the aid of her friends, Liv half heartedly put Stefan and Elena in pain, and Enzo spieled his anger with no real emotion or drive. A scene that should have elicited some sort of emotion or at least tension was just…

There is something methodical to the way Enzo works. He set everything up and cast people in the exact situation he wanted. What is most frustrating was Enzo’s stoic insistence that Stefan was the cause. Enzo has this boiling rage that only seems to present itself in irrationality and blind determination regardless of what is told.

The flashback to election night and Stefan had a run in with Maggie James, the woman Enzo loved. While he did feed on Maggie, he didn’t kill her. Even still, Stefan admitted to killing Maggie to prevent Bonnie from being killed. Hell, Enzo had Bonnie in his grasp and she didn’t seem startled or rattled in the slightest. She didn’t show any anger until she was alone with Liv.

We got another flashback of Maggie and Enzo. That was a touching scene. Enzo forced Maggie to leave and forget him rather than turn her like she wanted. He loved her so much, he was willing to lose her rather than drag her down with him.

Damon’s flashback with Maggie was very different. She was pretending to be a reporter to attack him. But her attack was obvious and Damon killed her. He just saw that she was one who worked on the Augustine Project and killed her. The anger her had for Stefan not noticing his five year disappearance led to him mimicking one of Stefan’s ripper crime scenes. Unlike earlier in the season, Enzo acknowledged that he couldn’t hate Damon because then he would be left with nothing, so he took Damon’s advice. He shut off his humanity.

Man on FirelThe travelers’ story was old news. However, Marcos was still doing his work with Tyler in chains. Apparently the travelers obsession with Stefan and Elena stems from the idea that the blood of the doppelgangers will end all witch magic, including vampirism. Which would pose an issue for them with Tyler, considering he’s still a wolf. Apparently, the blood thing works and the doppelganger blood reverts vampirism and all magic.

Enzo steals off into the night with Elena after attacking Liv. Enzo will kill Elena just to hurt Damon. He may claim otherwise, but he’d do anything to get his revenge. Thankfully, Elena wasn’t playing damsel in distress even if she had two men coming to her rescue. She tried to attack Enzo, but he got the upper hand on her. Stefan found Enzo first. After a bit of fighting Enzo had Stefan pinned, but Stefan had his heart. Realizing that he could mess up the relationship between Stefan and Damon more, he killed himself with Stefan’s own hand.

It was a nice moment when Liv put aside her bitchiness for a moment and admitted to Bonnie that the other side falling apart would take Bonnie down with it. Apparently there’s no spell that could help preserve the other side. When it finally goes, Bonnie will be going with it.


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Centered around a situation that should have been filled with tension, everyone in "Man Of Fire" just seemed to be going through the motions.

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