The Vampire Diaries: “Resident Evil” Review


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Flashback to a Mad World rendition of the first time Elena met Stefan. It was eerie, reminiscent and odd and it was quickly revealed as Elena having a dream. That was the main theme of the episode. Elena and Stefan having dreams of each other, flashing back to old memories. Heck these dreams aren’t just occurring at night, but also while Elena is awake and doing things. Dreams of a completely different life one where Elena’s parents never died.

Damon is back to bonding with Enzo. The two are good buds and its nice to see Damon interacting with someone who isn’t against his motives, but is just a genuine friend.

Resident EvilBonnie is feeling seriously neglected. Considering she was laid out at the end of the last episode, I’m surprised she’s on her feet so quick and that she hasn’t told anyone yet. It wasn’t for a lack of trying as she called Jeremy to no answer. But she did get through to her grandma on the other side. Apparently something us up on the other side and the witches there seem to believe that the travelers were overwhelming her to get someone across, which was exactly what they did. Bonnie and Jeremy are dating, but they certainly aren’t acting like it. Jeremy is pushing Bonnie away, but she has information that would be useful for him.

Tyler, Matt, and Jeremy are working with our witch friend. She requires that they stab themselves with a knife that will prove that they aren’t being inhabited by travelers. Apparently, the travelers are going through towns and taking over the people, putting more travelers inside of them. This means a town filled with travelers and considering they way they’ve behaved in the last few episodes its not very reassuring. They are going to need to go through everyone and stab them with the knife to cast out any travelers. Too bad, Matt was killed before they could get any headway.

After being killed by Caroline’s mom, Matt gave Bonnie a warning to deliver to Jeremy about the travelers. After passing through Bonnie, he awoke on the other side. Waiting there for him was Kol Mikaelson. Apparently he’d there to confirm that everything on the other side is all topsy turvy. The other side is unraveling since the traveler left last episode. Knowing that the after life was all messed up he went to find his sister. And for a hot second he did before she was torn away. After losing his sister, Matt was a mess, but Kol came to him again. He was genuinely scared and needed Matt to go back and tell them all what was happening. When Kol Mikaelson is scared, you should be too. And when Matt came back to life, unlike every other time, he remembered being there.

Resident EvilTyler wondering where Matt went, had a little chat with Caroline’s mom. She was acting odd and Tyler was smart enough to pick up on it. As a test to be sure, he said his mom said hi, but every one knew that she was dead. Tyler promptly stabbed her muttering about how it would be alright. By the end of the episode it was apparent that Tyler was taken over by a traveler.

The confrontation between Damon and Elena was filled with tension. The two can’t be in the same room with each other without feeling awkward. They love each other and even small talk is unbearable. It was odd that they are behaving this way after the last episode where they were at each other’s throats. Damon addresses the dreams and even goes so far as to acknowledge that the prophecy states that they are supposed to be together. It was great that with every question he asked to get a clearer answer of what was going on with the dreams, he had to take another drink. By the end of the brief conversation, Damon had down an entire glass. Damon is having a hard time dealing with this breakup. Damon loves hard and long and always has. But it felt cruel for Elena to imply that Damon had hope when Elena had no intention of getting back together.

In order for them to get to the bottom of the dreams, Luke confirms that Elena is going to need to keep dreaming to get closer to finding the travelers. And she does while talking to Damon, which was a little awkward. But they get the address where the traveler is. Damon and Enzo check it out to find Marcos. Apparently he cast a spell 1500 years ago to draw the doppelgangers together through the false promise of true love. Looks like Damon might stand a chance like Elena said. Marcos casts a spell on using a bunch of travelers, for what, It’s unclear. And with the end of the spell, so ended all the visions Stefan and Elena were seeing.

This led to Elena and Stefan finally having a sit down. They talked about how nothing was real that they were seeing even though things were nice. It felt good to them both. Stefan acknowledged that even though it was false, their reality wasn’t so terrible. They did have a real love, but they grew apart. Elena and Stefan are friends now. “I think you can either be friends with someone. Or in love with them. But I don’t think you can be both.” It was a great line from Stefan as he acknowledges that he’s not sure that Damon will ever not be in love with Elena. Damon’s outburst at the end confirmed it. He can not be friends with her, no matter what Elena wants.

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No one seemed to be looking for the truth or working together to piece all the information they had on a clear picture about the travelers and Marcos' intentions in "Resident Evil".

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