The Walking Dead: Episode 6 “Live Bait” Spoiler Review


 *****Read at Your Own Risk Spoilers ! *****

The Walking Dead has been on a roll these pass two weeks. First, we got the episode of  “Indifference”; that focus on Carol and her decision of her actions that led to her being kick out of the group, we also learn how much of an hard head Rick can be. Then the following week the episode of  “Internment” came on and show us how much of a bad ass Herschel can be, along with great moments between Rick and Carl. At the end of the episode we got a hit of what the following episode might be about, but I wasn’t expecting an episode all focus on The Governor.  The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-6-Live-Bait

This week episode was called “Live Bait” a flashback episode that deals with the actions after the massacre of the Woodbury Army.  Which were focus on what happen from the last episode of season three to the episode of last week. In The Governor’s perspective, I know many people will not be sold with this idea of having an episode just focus on the Governor but it was very entertaining. No is not nowhere near as the episodes before, but it’s a really good intake of what going on inside of the mind of The Governor.  Which comes to question of what is the walking dead trying to build? The answer to that is a big war. And in order to have a massive war you must know where both teams are coming from and this episode provide that. With moments like The Governor is sitting and watch a zombie slowing burning with leaves with result like of your two henchmen leaving you behind. Which at that moment who can blame them, but when one door closes another door opens in the case of The Governor.

Where he heads back to Woodbury, burns the place down their, which I have to say the one with him in front of his own place burning in the background was just badass. He later leaves and hikes to this new town, where he meets the Chalmers family that consisted of two sisters of the name of Lilly and Tara, Lilly has a daughter by the name of Meghan and their father, David.Which The Governor seem to get an connection with the little girl Meghan, not in a weird way but a way that he see his daughter (the zombie one), with a couple of days with them and the death of their father due to cancer. Lilly, Tara and Meghan joins The Governor, which we see a romance connection with Lilly and The Governor. Along with him having a special moment with Meghan, which led to them back in meeting with Martinez and Shumpert.ohhai

I’ll understood why this episode had to happen, for the fact we all wanted to know what happen to The Governor right after he killed an good third of people. Along with the factor of how the hell he gets back to the prison, which I’m pretty sure it would be explain in the next episode. I do have to say this was once a again a good episode not great like other but good for the simple fact that this series is giving us reason for us to root for either Team Rick or Team Governor. The episode made The Governor more human like, and if like him then your going to love this episode, but if you hate him with a passion, then you will think this episode was a waste of time. For the fact that I do like him but not love him, I do think this episode made it watchable, but there were scenes that I thought was very unnecessary. Although, the scene of him killing David as a zombie was a great way of saying that The Governor now knows even if is a family member is not the same.

As a finial point, this was a Governor episode and you will love it or hate it, but do accept the fact that their doing this episode for us the fans. Because what it seem what their doing is their building up Governor and Rick teams for a epic war that will happen in the series mid or season final.  Yes, is not the best walking dead episode, but it was an important one that will make the fans satisfied with The Governor. Let’s just hope the next episode, doesn’t have unnecessary moments like “pound it.”

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"This episode, was by far the weakness ones in the season but it was needed episode for the future of the season."

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