The Walking Dead: Episode 7 “Dead Weight” Spoiler Review


Whether you love it or hate it, last week’s “Live Bait” episode of The Walking Dead was an episode we really needed in the series.  An episode, that really focus on the mindset of The Governor, yes it seems like they made him more human in the last episode with the addition of sweet Megan. But episode “Dead Weight”, made it clear that The Governor that we all first met is still there and he has a plan under his sleeves.

First of all, it’s clear to say that I’m really enjoying the fourth seasons of the walking dead compared to other season (of course not the first), but there’s something about the tone of the season that quite impressed me. For example, this week’s episode made me glad to have The Governor still alive. I know, call me crazy but the way they’re building up to this mid-season finale is something that will guarantee be better than season three mid-season finale.  But let’s get back to the episode, where the title “Dead Weight” really became the theme of this episode.

You see this episode, opens up at the exact spot as the last episode. We have The Governor in a ditch hole with sweet Megan and Martinez pointing the gun at The Governor. Told him the only reason why he accepts The Governor into his small group is because of that little girl and if it wasn’t for that he would just be dead weight to him.  That’s when it triggered the governor, to learn about the environment that he was in, learn who really calls the shots, and from there start taking down those that will stop him; along with knowing the ones that he can control.  Which when you think about it, the whole symbolism of chess takes place in this episode as well.

We first start seeing The Governor, taking down Martinez himself. Taking him down, with a golf club and thrown him off of a RV.  Seems like the most vicious and darkness murders we’ve seen in the walking dead by far.  Not to mention, putting him in the same ditch where he found him but with zombie to top it off (everything seem to come to full circle here huh?).  The-Walking-Dead-04x07-15The scariest part was, seeing the governor turn a switch on his head. One moment he was completing normal, then the next he saying, ”I don’t want it” killing Martinez. There can be lot interpretations of this, but one thing is for sure he has a split personality that we got to see in this episode.  When he killed Pete, and threw him to a pond with a ball of chain or something to his ankle. The Governor just stood their watching him as a zombie underwater, something we have not seen since the comics or the very first time we met him back in season three.

The cliffhanger of this episode was very well put for the fact that now we have The Governor’s timeline meeting with Rick’s group’s timeline. Knowing that The Governor now has his very own group that stole from Martinez and he killed people off that weren’t needed and kept those that he can control like the man that can operate an army tank.  We see the scene of him pointing a gun from about thirty feet away from Michonne and Herschel.

Overall, this episode was a great episode, way better than the last one.  But this one too had its flaws, the storyline for the governor was way too rushed and there was moments that I just felt like we were just jumping into different places.  David Morrissey’s performance as The Governor is really on point and the way the writing and symbolism really gave us some idea who really is the monster inside The Governor. Next week, will be the mid-season finale! Which group will you be rooting for?



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The Walking Dead is Building up and war that might get lots fans going against each other .... I say ... Good !

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