The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Finale Episode 8 “Too Far Gone” Spoiler Review


After the build up of the last four episodes and a cliffhanger ending; does the midseason finale of the walking dead satisfy the viewers or the comic book nerds?  As a viewer I was somewhat satisfied, but as a comic book nerd I was satisfied. There was just something about this episode that just didn’t felt right, I truly believe that this season was going to be as better than all the passed seasons (besides of course season one).  But I guess my hopes were to high, for the fact that in the “Indifference” episode we got a taste of the true Carol.  The “Interment” episode was possibly the best episode we seen so far in the walking dead season four.  Then we got “Live Bait” and “Dead Weight”, which we got insight of the governor and how he spent his days after the finale of season three. Now with the build up of the governor, I do have to say, it was way too rushed. The episode was not enough, to capture the anger and the hate at the governor has towards people. On that point, this episode “Too Far Gone” was good at some point there were a lot of positives about this episode with some negatives really drag to enjoy it at moments.

The episode opens up, with The Governor speaking out to his group about finding the people that destroyed his town once known as Woodbury; He does a really good job at selling the fact that these people are evil and nothing more of murders that destroy his life.  He also mentions, on kidnapping Herschel and Michonne and how they’re going to be the one that’s going to help them take it over.Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.24.31 AM A great opening, that felt organic and again a great performance by David Morrissey. Now before the governor reaches to the prison,  he does have a talk with Herschel and Michonne  about the fact that he’s not to kill anyone. Which by the expression of Michonne, she knew that it was bull, but Herschel was trying to play the role of peacemaker.  And if there’s one thing that we learned from The Walking Dead is that nobody makes it in the zombie apocalypse by being a peacemaker. For example, season two with Dale and that whole situation.

At that moment, we have Rick and Daryl talking about the decision of Carol and her departure. It was surprising, to see how intense the argument got between Rick and Daryl; it got so intense that Daryl was willing to tell Tyreese himself about what happen to Carol and why she was no longer with us. When they finally got to him, Tyreese was not interested in hearing what they have to say about it because he was taking matters into his own hands. He found a cut open rat that was paste to the wall; he was stating that the person that did this was most likely the person that’s feeding the walkers along with killing his love interest. Bets on whose behind that are most likely Ben, he just seems too weird. From there, we hear a big boom, and that when we get the final showdown between The Governor and Rick Grimes.

Now the showdown, between the two groups was extreme but slow at the start. There were just too much talking, at one point and once the action got going it felt too quick. The way the battle started was good, with the death of Herschel, The-Walking-Dead-Recap-Video-and-Review-Season-4-Episode-8-Too-Far-Gone-1024x431[1]which I’m pretty sure all the viewers saw it coming but not as brutal. The death of him was bas-ass as Merle’s death back in season two but not better; even though, you can see in Herschel eyes that he knew it was time for him to bite the bullet. It just shows that being a peacemaker does not fly in the zombie apocalypse. There were many good parts in this battle, but the ones that shine the most beside Herschel death was the almost death of Daryl, which were sure that every fan girl was at the edge of their seat and I’m not going to lie me to as well. Then was the Death of The Governor, which was so predictable, I’m pretty sure their were some people that saw that death coming miles away.  I do have to say, it was nice the way they   execute him similar to the comics but not exactly. Not to mention, the most comedic scene was between the two little girls and Tyreese, that’s just shows that Carol teaching was not taken for granted. walking-dead-gone-too-far[1]Lastly, baby Judith, whom many of viewers and myself included believes that she is gone. And it was for the best, to amuse and you never know maybe she not dead after all (Spin-Off Idea).


On a final note, the mid-season finale was good.  Not great but good, there were a lot of predictable outcomes. But the battle scene and execution of the characters and storyline became from bad to good with some slight disappointment. All the actors, did a amazing job especially Rick, The Governor and Hershel. Really great moments, like Daryl and how he took down the tank. Their were slow moments like The Governor and Rick talking over for a good twenty minutes, but after Hershel death that when the battle really pick up; sadly it was only for about as well fifteen minutes. The nods to the comics were very well done, from The Governor death to even the last words from Rick to Carl saying ” Don’t Look Back”. Overall, I do look forward in watching the rest of the season of the walking dead, when it returns in February 9th and until then there going to be a lot of opinion articles of The Walking Dead here at Geeked Out Nation.

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The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale was good but not great. You will either love this episode or hate it .... but is ok to be in the middle.

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