Once Upon A Time: What You Need To Know Before Season 3


Here’s another re-cap for all you tv fans! September 29th is the season premiere of Once Upon A Time on ABC. I honestly can’t believe that its on season 3 already. There was a time I was worried this show wouldn’t make it past the midseason finale. OUAT is a fun show for all ages. If you have been on the fence about tuning in and jumping aboard Captain Hook’s ship to Neverland this season then read this. Not everyone is able to find the time to marathon a show so that’s what I’m here for. This re-cap will focus on the main storyline that affects the main characters. OUAT is notorious for episodes about character backstories. That is not important to the main narrative. There were some really good ones, so if you get the chance then watch the episodes. This re-cap is designed for you to be caught up to tune into the season 3 premiere.

Season 1:once_upon_a_time_xlg

On the night of her 28th birthday Emma Swan is visited by the son she gave up for adoption years ago. Henry has come to see her because he believes that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and wants her to come back to Storybrooke with him. She agrees to at least take him home because he can’t stay with her in Boston. Henry shows Emma his book of fairy tales and tries to convince her that the Evil Queen cursed all the fairy tale characters and sent them here. The only one that gets a happy ending is the Evil Queen. Clearly Emma does not believe this. Henry tells Emma that he thinks his adoptive mom, the mayor Regina Mills is the Evil Queen and is the only one that remembers anything. Emma decides to stay in town when the clock tower finally starts to move again for the first time in 28 years.

Through flashbacks it is revealed that yes, Regina is the evil queen and that Snow White and Prince Charming spoke to Rumplestiltskin about what they could do to save their unborn child from the Queen’s curse. He tells then that she is the chosen one and would come back on her 28th birthday. Snow and Charming place Emma in a magical wardrobe and transport her to our world. Emma is then raised by a family who adopts her.

Emma eventually becomes sheriff of Storybrooke after Graham (the huntsman in Snow White) mysteriously dies. Emma notices that there is a serious attitude from Regina towards Henry’s teacher Mary Margaret (actually Snow White). The viewers eventually find out that Regina does remember everything about where they came from and has gone through much effort to keep Mary Margaret unhappy. Emma notices this animosity and the rivalry Regina has with Mr. Gold (Rumplestitskin). That begins because Regina realizes that he remembers his real identity. At this moment Mary Margaret begins to fall in love with coma patient David Nolan (Charming). He is married to another woman Kathryn (the daughter of King Midas) but they begin an affair anyway.

Kathryn decides to leave and let them be together but she disappears and Regina makes it so it appears that Mary Margaret killed her. Kathryn is eventually found and Mary Margaret is cleared. August Booth arrives in town and it is revealed that he is actually Pinnochio and was sent here WITH Emma to protect her but abandoned her cause he was scared and is now slowly turning back into a puppet. Regina has now found out who Emma is and attempts to poison her with an apple the same way she did to Snow White but Henry eats the apple instead. Emma now believes the curse on the town is real and teams up with Regina to retrieve the true love potion to keep it away from Mr. Gold. He’s able to steal it anyway.

Henry is pronounced dead and Emma kisses him on the forehead and it creates a wave of magic over the town causing everyone to remember who they are. Snow and Charming reunite and Regina runs back to her mansion to hide. Rumplestiltskin is reunited with his true love Belle (yes, that Belle) and throws the true love potion into the wishing well. This causes a huge purple cloud to overtake the town and that’s how the season concludes.

Season 2:99113-once-upon-a-time-once-upon-a-time

Emma has officially broken the curse and all the residents remember their true identities and memories along with their Storybrooke memories. Mr. Gold has also brought magic to the town when he threw the true love potion into the wishing well. In the fairytale world Princess Aurora is rescued by Prince Phillip and Mulan. A wraith attacks and takes Phillip. The wraith then comes to Storybrooke in order to take Regina’s soul but fails. Emma and Mary Margaret are then transported to the fairytale world. They team up with Aurora and Mulan and meet Cora (Regina’s mother). Cora has teamed up with Captain Hook to try and get to Storybrooke.

Regina wants to become a better person because she does love Henry. Emma and Mary Margaret return home but Cora and Hook follow and are now in Storybrooke. Cora pretends to be Regina and frames her for the fake murder of Archie Hopper (Jiminy Cricket). This forces Regina closer to Cora because the town hates her once again.

Emma’s backstory is shown to us. She is a criminal. She begins a relationship with a fellow criminal named Neal. They fall in love fast and are planning one last heist that involves some stolen watches. This will give them enough money to move to Tallahassee, Florida and live happily ever after. August arrives and shows Neal who Emma is and that she is destined to break the curse. He abandons her and while in jail Emma gives birth to their son Henry.

Emma goes on a quest with Mr. Gold to help find his missing son Baelfire. Gold finds out that he’s in Manhattan but needs help navigating the real world. When they arrive in NYC, it is revealed that Neal is Baelfire making Henry Rumplestilskin’s grandson. Back in flashbacks it is revealed that Cora killed Snow’s mother and so she decides to kill Cora in revenge. Cora and Capt. Hook want to steal Gold’s knife because they can literally control him with it. Capt. Hook stabs Gold with his poisoned Hook. The only way to save him is to kill someone else. Mary Margaret decides to do it and kills Cora. Regina wants to kill Snow now but when she looks at her heart she sees that it is blackening and allows Snow to continue to go to the dark side.

It is revealed that if anyone steps out of Storybrooke they will lose all their TRUE memories and only know their Storybrooke life. Mr. Gold is able to create a spell that will allow someone to leave the town. Hook sees him and Belle at the town limit and shoots Belle across the line causing her to forget everything. A car crashed into town before Gold can retaliate. In flashbacks we are shown two stories.

Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin are enemies because Rumple’s wife abandoned him and Baelfire for a more exciting life with Hook.

In another flashback we find out that the man who crashed his car is Owen Flynn, a little boy Regina took a liking to back when the curse first hit the town. His father discovered magic in the town and was arrested and Owen (now going by the name Greg Mendell) was left all alone. Greg now hates magic and works for someone (we don’t know who) and tries to take magic out of Storybrooke and destroy the town. He is working with Neal’s fiance Tamara. She purposely met Neal and made him fall in love with her cause she knows his real identity and he would eventually lead her to Storybrooke and Regina.

Greg and Tamara attempt to kill Regina and take her magic. They get close but are stopped by Emma, Neal, Snow and Charming. Tamara opens up a portal and Neal falls through and no one knows where he has gone. We then get to see his backstory. After he disappeared from the fairytale world, he ended up in 19th century London and gets taken in by the Darling family. He becomes very close with Wendy Darling. A shadow comes to take the Darling boys but Bae gives himself up instead of letting the boys go. He is taken to Neverland and escapes the Lost Boys and ends up on Capt. Hook’s ship.

The season ends with Greg and Tamara taking Henry. We also see that in Neverland there is a wanted poster with Henry’s picture on it. Because Henry has been taken to Neverland where he will presumably be in great danger from an evil Peter Pan, Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Regina, Hook and Mr. Gold all hop aboard Hook’s ship and set sail for Neverland.

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