The Vampire Diaries: “I Alone” Review


Damon and Elena crossed into the past to get Bonnie out her own little hell. The only problem was Bonnie had been left in Portland. That meant she needed to book it into back to Mystic Falls. Especially since Damon and Elena were going to be brought back in hours. That however gave plenty of time for Damon and Elena to really bond. It’s something they needed to do to get over their estrangement. That said it was odd seeing them fall into such a rhythm together. They seemed to get along really weird which was strange. Elena had no memory of him and essentially hated him from everything.

That is Damon and Elena bonded until it came out that Damon compelled Alaric to steal the ascendant. What really stung was that Elena accused Damon of only doing this so Bonnie would come back and confirm their relationship was everything Damon made it out to be. It was brutal because while yes getting Bonnie back would do that for Damon. The problem is Damon wants Bonnie back. As much as they fight and bicker, Bonnie is more to Damon than just a useful asset. She may be a witch and Elena’s best friend, but Bonnie has also proven to be his friend in their own twisted way. At this point I feel like Damon needs Bonnie back more than the rest of them do.

tvds06e09x02While those two were away Kai was already parading around the present killing people. There is something so off about Kai. He’s beyond dangerous, there are things off about him. He acts out. yet, somehow I find him more than just compelling, but also someone that is teetering on a border that could indicate that he is in fact not entirely irredeemable. That said, he makes a strong case against that when he goes around attacking his family. Taking a moment and really think about his motivation for attacking Liv. It doesn’t make much sense. If he was really an adept villain he would convince Liv that she absolutely didn’t want to merge with Luke. If he can merge with Jo before Liv and Luke can he’ll become the leader of the Gemini coven. Thankfully, they proved that he was smart enough to realize manipulating Liv through Tyler was the key.

In a less interesting twist the girl who Jeremy was boning, and was bouncing around claiming to be a Salvatore, wasn’t Sarah, but Monique. Let’s be honest, Monique’s story line is so far the least compelling thing on the show. The fact that she was faking it to get who knows what out of it, makes little sense. Thus, her death feels irrelevant.

Her death did spark Matt into action. He’s spent six seasons as the human. The one with no powers. The one who was walked over and ignored, left behind. He’s getting angry and he wants revenge on Enzo. The thing is, if Matt succeeds, it’s only going to be the start of his downturn.

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"I Alone" moved the plot with the Gemini Coven forward, readjusting the tensions within our characters.

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