The Vampire Diaries: “Black Hole Sun” Review


Stefan teaching Elena the ropes of reinventing oneself to return to the places you love in cycles was interesting in concept, but not super interesting in its execution. On one hand it was refreshing seeing the two getting along so well and really seeming to enjoy each other’s company. On the other hand, much of their interaction was tame and didn’t progress the plot. Actually the vast majority of it didn’t which is sad, considering the entire rest of the episode did it’s work moving characters forward. Thankfully, the entire interaction did eventually pay off with Stefan of all people telling Elena to about what she’d done to herself.

Turns out Kai is short for Malachai. Oh and let’s not forget to mention that he killed his entire family (the coven) and seemed to relish it. If his prior actions weren’t enough of a hint as to how terrible he was, uncovering that he’s a serial killer isn’t too surprising. It actually cleared a lot up. It now makes sense that it was his personal hell, a cage to keep a serial killer in. Bonnie is still the key out, but now she has no motivation to let a serial killer run free. It is interesting to see Bonnie and Damon have been bonding in their own unique way. We’ve seen over the seasons Damon be particularly nasty to Bonnie, but then just as now, he isn’t willing to let anyone hurt Bonnie except himself. It’s Damon’s weird way of showing that she cares.

Black Hole SunJeremy has always needed a father figure. Damon and Stefan could never fill that role as they were always trying to protect Jeremy rather than guide him in anyway. Alaric did that for a brief period of time and now he’s there to do it again. No Alaric doesn’t have all the answers, but he does have advice. Alaric gave Jeremy just the kick in the ass to stop moping around and realize that he isn’t the only one in pain.

This week were treated to a series of flashbacks to the day of the eclipse and what Stefan and Damon were doing on that day. It was interesting to see how interconnected everything was this episode. It became explicitly clear why we were being told this tale of Damon spitefully killing a pregnant woman on the day of the eclipse. The knowledge that Damon killed Sarah’s mother and the fact that the girl even survived is what stuns the episode. There are so many different ways that story could have played out. I’m happy to see the show working to actively interconnect that various storylines so early in the season. One of the major advantages of this season is how quickly everything is coming together. I can get down with that.

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Four episodes in, all the story lines started to come together in "Black Hole Sun" for a truly satisfying episode. Add in all the new tidbits of information this episode threw at us, that wasn't much to dislike.

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