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As we lead into the season finale of The Vampire Diaries, characters kept dying, which meant they were going to a tumultuous other side on the brink of its own destruction. Elena confronts Liv and Luke to get them to help with the spell they need to do. When Liv and Luke aren’t agreeable to help them, Caroline snaps Luke’s neck. Now our crew has the leverage that they need.

HomeAll that said, Marcos isn’t afraid of vampires or hybrids and he makes it clear to Mrs. Forbes with Julian in Tyler’s hybrid body. After a bit of taunting and a little pleading, Julian was pushed across the town line and immediately felt the effects. I’m not sure how this happened since Stefan already died, thus the doppelganger blood should now be useless, but whatever. Anyway you look at it, Marcos isn’t afraid.

Enzo and Bonnie are dealing with an ever growing list of people that they need to bring back from the dead. And it rally is a large list as this episode we already added another two. The latest addition is Silas who is going to serve as the traveler doing the spell from the other side like Maria was going to be. That means bringing back the one man who’s wronged pretty much everyone and killed Bonnie’s dad. But if she wants to bring everyone back, she’s going to have to go along with it. Damon on the other hand is dealing with all the mass murder. His plan involves a gas leak and blowing up all the travelers in the city.

Marcos is very forceful in his attempts to keep Mrs. Forbes within Mystic Falls. He seems to think that she is important and shouldn’t leave, blocking her way out. But Mrs. Forbes would rather live in a place where she can actually see her daughter. This was remniscent of how Jeremy felt when he suggested that having the spell over Mystic Falls wasn’t such a bad thing for normal people. Jeremy would like to see his girlfriend in his own home.

On the other side, Bonnie saved Enzo from flying off, but let Silas go. Bonnie eventually met up with her grandmother. Bonnie did her best to convince her grandmother to cross through when they did the spell, but she was given some cryptic message from her grandmother about not being the only one to sacrifice for the ones she loves.

Elena wasn’t willing to let Damon cross the border on his own. She was willing to jump in the car with him, respecting his decision, but kindly deciding that if there was a chance that he wasn’t going to come back, she wasn’t going to let him be alone. Once on the other side, Elena needed to find her way back to Bonnie as fast as possible, but not before she encountered Alaric one more time. After Damon helped move an object off Mrs. Forbes, Alaric and him had a moment.

HomeThe others startd to come back through Bonnie. First Luke, then Enzo, Tyler, and Elena. But this spell is ripping apart both Bonnie and Liv. When Stefan caught Bonnie, he also accidentally came back. Knowing that Damon still hadn’t crossed, Lexie refused to cross until Damon was there. As soon as Alaric and Damon arrived, Bonnie grabbed Alaric. But no sooner than he passed through, Luke stopped Liv from doing the spell and thus, Damon couldn’t cross.

While Elena is devastated by the loss of Damon, Stefan really has it hard. Stefan was so close to finally getting Lexie back. Not only did he lose his brother, but he also lost his best friend. While Lexie’s sacrifice stopped Maros from coming back, it did nothing to help save Damon like she hoped. Damon’s goodbye to Elena as she couldn’t see him at all was truly sad. She could hardly hold herself together. Damon really was her true love, more than Stefan ever was. And yes, it was volatile, but it was intense. And she turned to Alaric for comfort finally. That was when insult was added to injury as she heard Jeremy’s screams for Bonnie. Screams to find Bonnie who Elena was also going to lose.

And their final moments, Damon and Bonnie held hands as the other side exploded into white.

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The season finale of The Vampire Diaries introduced conflicts that were too quickly resolved, but delivered on the emotional aspects as they dealt with the dissolution of the other side in "Home".

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