The Vampire Diaries: “Promised Land” Review


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Thankfully, Damon quickly realized that Elena and Stefan were taken. Though he is doing more talking, lounging and badgering than taking much action. I can’t entirely blame Damon and Caroline for allowing this torturing to go on because they need some sort of answer. But the traveler in the local banker wasn’t very helpful.

Stefan and Elena are being drained by the travelers. It is their blood that Marcos actually wants, thus killing them is not ideal. The longer he can keep them around and he can keep draining them the better. While Elena was drained, Stefan was freed by an unshown traveler who looked like Maria from last week. They got free after four days of blood draining. They had to travel from no where back home. On the way, it gave them a chance to talk and work things out. Also to call Elena out on how miserable both she and Damon are without each other.

Enzo is still trying to get back to the land of the living and he’s pestering Bonnie in the mean time. His same plucky banter is on non-stop mode, but with more important things on his plate he delegates it to Bonnie. Too bad the plan to just have Enzo hitch a ride with Bonnie to safety is inherently flawed, mostly because of Bonnie’s lies.

Promised LandOn the road they run in to a car. Elena tries to flaunt her assets and Stefan tries to compel the driver, but it was Maria. So it turns out that it really was Maria who freed them both the night before. Turns out that Maria is helping so she can help her husband Julian. Since Julian is in a hybrid body, he will die when magic is stripped away. maria has no intentions of losing her husband. Not to mention she isn’t a fan of Marcos. Just as they enter town Liv and Luke ambush them. Their goal is to kill Damon and Elena and they eventually crash Maria’s truck into an invisible barrier. The blow killed Maria and Luke and Liv made it clear one of them needed to die.

Bonnie finally fessed up about the truth of what is going on. She laid it out to Caroline after it was suggested that they kill Tyler to get the traveler out and he could come back with her and Enzo. Bonnie is willing to just accept that the other side is crumbling. Enzo however, is not willing to just accept it. Bonnie saw Maria as she passed through with a message for her husband that she tried.

Damon stole the traveler bodies. He thought he could random them, use them as leverage. Damon was willing to kill them, but so was Marcos. Getting frustrated by Marcos’ babbling, Damon attacked but was quickly pushed aside. The travelers are beginning their spell using the doppelganger blood. Julian tried to help Damon out by using his presence to take Marcos by surprise.

As the travelers chanted their spell the effects of magic dwindled. First it was Liv and Luke’s magic. Then Stefan and Elena’s daylight rings became useless. As they are running through the tunnels back to the house, Stefan and Elena begin experiencing their deaths. But it is quickly spreading. Soon Tyler no longer has his fangs and Damon has a bullet wound in his chest. Damon ran. They ran like everyone else. They ran to stay alive and it worked at least for now.

Bonnie came up with a plan though. Enzo needed to get to Maria so she could do her traveler spell. But considering how hard headed he is about getting back and how important Maria was, I’m surprised he let go so easily. She just flew away his and their last hope. In Julian’s rage he killed Stefan. And when Stefan came to Bonnie to cross over, she had to admit that they had lost their one hope of bringing back all of those from the other side.

One pet Peeve. I don’t know why they are sending Jeremy back to Mystic falls were magic is unraveling and those who were brought back with magic. Jeremy was brought back to life with magic. Sure, Stefan died and the spell became inert, but they didn’t know that when he was ordered to go back.

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The stakes got grave and desperate as the travelers took hold of Mystic Falls in "Promised Land". All of this setting up an extremely tension filled finale, while loading it's penultimate episode with

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