The Vampire Diaries: “Do You Remember The First Time” Review


Stefan is still lingering around as loose ends continue to keep him near the team. The problem is Stefan doesn’t want to be there. No one really wants him to be there. Except Caroline and she’s wiling to put on the front that she wants him gone because she doesn’t like how he’s been acting lately. In one of the rare times Caroline’s outrage is more than justified, no one really seems to care. I love that Caroline finally actually laid her feelings on the line about where their relationship was heading. It’s interesting that Caroline would begin to fall for Stefan when his darkness begins to show. However, Caroline has grown as a character to the point that

Oh Elena. Please just remember. It’s clearly torture seeing that Damon is hurting so much over the fact that he fought his way back and Elena does not remember loving him, she actively doesn’t like him. Elena’s struggle to try to remember Damon because she knew her not remembering was hurting him. She suffered with guilt for not feeling anything for the man she supposedly loved. So much so that the pain and frustration she was putting him through was enough for her to cross the borders of Mystic Falls to regain those memories. From the looks of it she started to get those memories, but they clearly didn’t all take. She was willing to potentially kill herself to find out what she lost. The fact that it was that easy made it a bit frustrating. I’m glad however, that Damon wouldn’t let her continue. Damon would rather let her go than see her suffer or sacrifice the life she’s remaking. it’s a great sign of how much his character has grown. The one frustrating thing about the execution as that Dobrev’s execution of showing that she doesn’t love Damon makes her seem blank rather than believable.

tvds06e07x02Bonnie is still stuck in her alternate little limbo with Kai. After both of them nearly died, they ran around the town, healed themselves a bit and then finally decided that running around the time trying to kill each other wasn’t getting them anywhere. They each had parts of the ascendant that allowed them to go home. Bonnie yet again proved to be smart as always. Rather than bringing them back, she took her magic and stuck it in a bear long out of the zone. it was so fitting that it was left for Bonnie. I’m really enjoying the friendship between the two characters. If there’s going to be anyone who helps get Bonnie back it’ll be Damon. And if any action will win over Elena again it will be bringing Bonnie back to Elena.

Liv and Tyler are not as fascinating as the creators think they are. Liv’s frustrations and Tyler’s aversion to becoming a wolf again feels like an unnecessary detour from the more compelling elements of the season. They only had a couple of brief scenes, but we really didn’t need to waste time seeing them. At this point we get it. They like each other and Liv helped prevent Tyler from becoming a wolf. All of this feels very much on the periphery except for the fact that they are likely going to tie in with kai once he’s out of his cage.

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"Do You Remember the First Time" forced Damon and Elena to explore the new status of their relationship in another slow drawn out episode. However, it was made interesting by not relying on flashbacks, but let them be in the moment.

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