The Vampire Diaries: “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” Review


Ivy not being dead like Stefan thought changes things. We’ll she’s not technically dead, but she isn’t dead and gone, just a vampire. And as a vampire, she’s a bit of a hot mess. She’s constantly hungry and not really willing to play by anyone else’s rules but her own. Stefan is frustrated with her to the point that he doesn’t want to deal with Ivy and even pawned his girlfriend off on Caroline. Sure, he got Ivy a daylight ring, but was ready to skip town. Time and time again we’ve been getting all these clues that Stefan just isn’t the person he once was. Stefan cares more about his fresh start that the well-being of anyone else. Stefan has been portrayed as unlikable on the show before, but now he’s been coming off more as unpleasant and careless.

In a very strange turn of events Tyler drove through the maze in the middle of the party. Straight through the party with a whole bunch of people. In yet another reason to advocate not texting and driving, I’m more amazed by what ended up happening. Swerving from the guy, awesome. Managing to knock yourself out and keep driving, my suspension of disbelief is stretched too thin. Much too thin. There are far more elegant ways for Tyler to have risked becoming a wolf again. Instead, it was done out of convenience because there were other storylines that were able to set up early threads from this event. More importantly we saw Liv make a sacrifice for Tyler. It’s only been one episode since Liv and Tyler admitted that they actually had feelings for each other. Already they were placed in a very trying position as she had to kill someone to save Tyler from becoming a wolf. The part that doesn’t quite make sense about it all is how torn up Liv seemed as it isn’t consistent with her prior behavior.

tvds06e05x01Damon and Bonnie have come a long way in their relationship. In fact the writing for the pair of them has been impressive all season thus far. They’ve been going on a journey together that has evolved their relationship. Yes, they still snipe at each other, but that is part of their charm. They care about each other a lot even if they won’t say it aloud. Which why it was important that the two got out together. Neither was going to leave the other behind, but they had to find a way to keep Kai out. Unfortunately, Kai got in the way, like always. With Damon on his way out of the loop and Bonnie dying as she’s stuck with Kai inside of the loop things aren’t good for her. It was great seeing the look of pain when Damon realized that he’d be going alone. You could see how much he wanted Bonnie to get out with him and that is a great indication of the development that their relationship has gone trough.

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"The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" made some strange moves to make multiple small plot progressions. However, we did finally see someone make it out of the loop.

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