The Vampire Diaries: “Yellow Ledbetter” Review


Elena’s decision to get her memories of Damon wiped was good character progress for the character. With Stefan she couldn’t wipe those memories and didn’t want to lose them. More importantly, Elena’s life wasn’t spiraling so entirely out of control that she needed to have him wiped for the safety of others. Whatever emotions were coursing through Elena were too much for her to handle and it was nice that Elena took the necessary steps to make her not be a hazard to society. That said, it was still a major downside that we as the audience were dragged through the experience. it was entirely unnecessary for us to watch it. No one likes a recap episode going through past events we’ve already watched. The tour through Elena’s memories served as just that. We didn’t need to see how much Elena cared for Damon. For 3 seasons we watched that build up and we got to infer and think about when they truly began to love each other. This walk through finding this moment when they fell in love only. It would have been better suited if Alaric had just wiped her memory without us ever seeing it.

tvds06e02x02Damon and Bonnie are in a time loop. Many shows have done time loops, especially if they have supernatural elements, and it works in this instance. With the other side gone, there was no safe place for them to do so Bonnie’s grandmother send her granddaughter into a time loop in the past. The major difference was that this time loop had no other people. At least that’s what we are lead to believe for the majority of the time, until the answer to the crossword Bonnie had been working on was filled in. So Bonnie’s magic may be on the fritz four months into the tenure reliving May 10th, 1994, but at least we are getting our first clue to getting them out of the loop. Hopefully we don’t have to watch too much more of this time loop unless there is serious progress, because it is already wearing thin. To make matters worse, they didn’t even have fun with the time period they set the loop in.

The return of Enzo was a well played move on the part of the creators. Enzo adds in that element of pure chaos that Damon used to fulfill. Sure, Damon is still chaotic and apt to go on a dangerous spree, but over the course of 6 seasons, he’s toned down into a role of chaotic reliability. With Enzo you have no idea what he is going to do. He’s the type who will do anything necessary to meet his own ends, but every so often that will be screwing up his own situation just for amusement. Also like Damon though, he is ultimately a good guy and he’s going to do anything to get Damon back.

tvds06s02x01Last season set up how close Caroline and Stefan were getting. Over and over again, things were setting up a potential relationship between the two, that never came. Not just that, but Stefan ran off without another word. Which is why it was so fulfilling when we saw Caroline confront him for up and leaving her without saying anything else. Despite being in contact with Alaric, Stefan never reached out to Caroline and even admitted that he cut her and everyone else off. He gave up. When Caroline was crying in the car over what Stefan said that was the last straw for Enzo. He kicked Stefan’s butt after killing his girlfriend. We saw last season that Enzo had a bit of a thing for Caroline, there was no way he’d let Stefan hurt her and turn his back on Damon.


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Enzo's return to TVD isn't enough to make up for the borderline memory lane episode. Despite the interesting elements introduced, none of them a progressing at a speed to keep them entertaining.

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