Beyond Two Souls Demo Thoughts and Impressions


I had my doubts in regards to Beyond Two Souls, after a game that ended up being one of my favourite games ever which was Heavy Rain I could not help getting excited for their new title. Earlier this year my anticipation was sky high until later on some gameplay demos showed me a very awkwardly controlled demo that did not seem to do justice to the game with shooting guns and being in cover. This demo gets us to try for ourselves segments we previously seen in trailers.

Beyond Two Souls is in fact much more like Heavy Rain than I expected but that for me is a huge plus. Honestly Beyond is Heavy Rain with a much cleaner look and less to distract from its cinematic approach and impressive visuals. The first thing that immediately reflected in the game is how much of a movie it felt from its camera angles to its photo realistic graphics they aimed for. The game in fact sometimes lets you forgot you are in control of movements and actually possible to intervene as the story unfolds.

The demo shows you Jodie through several different agents from her young age to a teenager. Jodie in fact is such a believable character that it really did not take long before I felt invested in the story and wanting to know more of her story. The first part you get to see a young Jodie undergoing a test where she has to use “her” powers to show what she is capable of. This power is an entity by the name of Aiden which can move freely in a ghost like movement but is always attached to Jodie. When you take control of Aiden you can move freely and go through walls and interact with the environment. This turns out to be a very interesting concept and in this first part you get to scare and terrify this woman by using Aiden powers to throw tables and break glass. You get to feel powerful and in control which hardly other games are able to deliver.


The game then follows Jodie once she is older and training some boxing which helps explaining the basics of combat. The idea is simple, using the Right stick you flick it in the right direction of the hits and in cases to avoid once the slow motion takes affect. As you’d expect missing the button or doing it before you are supposed to you get hit and it changes the outcome. The next segment gets you through much more action based part of the game with Jodie on the run from the Police and SWAT. This segment was quite exciting with runs from the police on top of the train, using some new powers Aiden has like possessing other bodies and just struggling them to death. Its a thrill to play through this segment with action and quick thinking to help Jodie avoid being caught.

Beyond Two Souls is looking to be another amazing must play experience to hit the PS3. After such a great story that Heavy Rain had it certainly does not look like this Beyond is going to be disappointing. It is a creepy and disturbing setting because of this entity that has such power yet so little we know about but also intriguing enough to make you want to play it. My interest in Beyond is now back and better than ever and it certainly something that I don’t want to miss this year.

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