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The soon to be in Alpha PC game “Cubeworld” has been developed by Picroma and created by Wollay with assistance from his wife, Pixxie.  A common thought for the game is that this looks a hell of a lot like Minecraft. However, Cubeworld has a range of features that distinguish it such as it’s focus on the RPG aspects of game design. Upon starting your first game, you must first select the type of race and class for your character. The race you choose will affect your appearance while classes, currently including the warrior, mage, rouge and ranger, will determine what abilities you have as well as what gear is available to you. You can create as many characters as you like and characters can be used in multiple worlds which is certainly a nice touch.

Cubeworld frog

Once you have selected your character, you will be placed into a randomly generated world that, again similar to Minecraft, will continue to generate itself as you explore. To start with, most mobs will more than likely tear you apart, so you need to pick your fights carefully with the varying classes and types of mobs to gain that precious experience. The colour highlighting enemy names and overall size of the enemy is generally a good indication as to whether you should pick a fight or not. Depending on your character, your will have varying levels of health and your Magic power used for special attacks may function differently. For example, mages automatically regenerate Magic power, while Rogues gain magic power through striking their enemies.

There are a range of areas to find including villages, dungeons and islands to name a few. Each has its own unique art style and mob types. Villages will allow you to buy and sell goods, craft new items and recover your HP by sleeping in the local Inn. Dungeons commonly give you bosses to defeat and come with their own traps and sometimes quests that you must complete.

Upon levelling for the first time, you’re given a very basic list of abilities to put points into. At this stage there are only 2 types of specialisations that impact what advantage your character is given. For example a Rouge can choose between either Ninja, specialising in dodging attacks, or an Assassin, specialising in critical hit chance. Other than a couple of minor differences in abilities, these specialisations vary little and for a game that has theoretically infinite levels ups, you’re not given much choice as to what abilities you can have. But this will hopefully be worked on before the games official release.

Cubeworld battle

Some of the better parts to Cubeworld are the inculsion of Co-operative play and the randomised worlds meaning a huge extension in the already large amount of potential gameplay. Even though its yet to be implemented into Alpha stage, the game functions and is quite fun overall.

Some of the more dodgy parts of the game include some of the weird bugs, boring quests that lack imagination, an annoying user Interface that sometimes blocks information and the current balancing of currency and mobs…  So you can probably guess that Cubeworld still has a ways to go before it can be recommended for an instant buy.

Overall, Cube world has a ton of potential. It could be an absolute addictive multiplayer RPG  with randomly generated worlds that keeps gamers such as myself coming back for more for hours on end with no sign of completion in sight. However, there are still a range of issues to be fixed, so these will need to be patched up by the release of this game to truly warrant the approx $20 price tag that is currently being charged. I personally look forward to this games development and hope they do further develop this game into something I can really love.

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