GON Gaming Updates Feb 2014


Hello GON gamers! It’s time for yet another gaming update as we look into the shortest month of the year with some exciting releases in build up to what may be one of the biggest gaming months of the year (March!).

As always please note the information listed below has been gathered from a wide range of sources, so while it should be accurate for the most part, just be aware that everything listed below is subject to variation and inaccuracy.

The articles below have been ordered (where possible) from earliest events to latest.

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Bravely Default will finally be arriving in the US on the 7th February for 3DS. It can be best described as a Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) that follows the story of Tiz and his comrades as they attempt to save the world of Luxendarc from crumbling into chaos. It has a unique turn based combat system that allows for players to (bravely) take several turns in one go at the consequence of allowing their opponents to do the same! For more info check out the site at: http://bravelydefault.nintendo.com/


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Lego fans, get ready for another major Lego release with The Lego Movie Videogame to come out on the 7th of February on just about every platform (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U and PC). The Lego games have almost always hit a positive note with many gamers and this particular game has allowed the developers to branch out from some of the main stream content such as Star Wars and create something a bit different. More info can be found at: http://videogames.lego.com/en-us/lego-movie/about/features


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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will be (hopefully) hitting shelves on the 11th February for old gen consoles only (PS3, Xbox 360). This action RPG has you control the main protagonist “Lightning” (naturally) who, after waking up several centuries into the future, must prevent the world’s end while re-uniting with allies from the past along the way. Failure to use your time wisely will result in (yep, you guessed it) the apocalypse! More info can be found at: http://www.lightningreturns.com/



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Many gamers will be excited to hear that on the 14th February new single player DLC for PS3 will be released for the 3rd person shooter survival game The Last of Us. It will follow the story of young Ellie before her fateful meeting with Joel as the story of her past is brought to light. It’s set to continue the theme of survival, drama and awesome game design. More info can be found at: http://www.thelastofus.playstation.com/left-behind.html


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Rayman Legends will be arriving on new generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One) on the 18th February. For those of you who missed out on it previously, Rayman Legends is a well-polished side scrolling plat-forming game that blends unique artwork with clever game design. It also has 4 player co-op making it great for gaming get-togethers and providing another reason to add it to your new gen console pile if you haven’t played it previously. More info can be found at: http://rayman.ubi.com/legends/en-GB/home/index.aspx



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Another title to be released for the Wii-u, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be released on the 21st February. Donkey Kong and the gang must battle with the “Snowmads” in order to prevent DK Island from being frozen over! The game will have similar plat-forming elements as found in the previous titles and will include Cranky Kong as a playable character. More info can be found at: http://donkeykong.nintendo.com/tropical-freeze/



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A title that may be known as a classic to some, the latest in the Thief series simply to be titled as “Thief” is to be released on the 25th of February for PC, Xbox One and PS4. As Garrett, a master of his profession, you’ll be navigating the “sick and troubled” city, looking for loots, uncovering secrets and avoiding (or killing) guards with a variety of tools at your disposal. Thief also brags of ground breaking visual and audio elements, with PC owners required to have minimum DirectX10 in order to run the game. For more info (such as spec requirements), check out the official site at: http://www.thiefgame.com/


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Also to be released on the 25th of FebruaryPlants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare will be making its appearance on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For the first time, the game will be taken into the third person perspective that will seemingly place the game into 3rd person shooter territory with the inclusion of 24 multiplayer action, 4 player co-op and 2 player split-screen. For more info check the site at: http://www.pvzgardenwarfare.com/




That wraps up another month of gaming, hope you have a good one and make sure to brace yourself for the major stuff that will be happening in March (update on March to go up at the end of Feb)! As always, please leave a comment if you have any feedback or there has been anything important missed in this update!

Sources used for this article include the official game websites, Steam, Metacritic and more. Images were mainly taken from various wiki pages (primarily Wikipedia itself) among other sites. Special thanks to those who helped in tracking down these updates!

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