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Grand Theft Auto crafted the free-roaming games as we know them today and continued to improve over the years always pushing the technology as much as they could. Grand Theft Auto V shows Rockstar hard work paid off with one of the finest games they every made and that we got to play this generation.

Grand Theft Auto V story for the first time follows three characters that we are able to control at our own will for most of the time. Their stories combine into one cinematic experiences but each specific character has their own stories to tell. In fact GTA V story is probably one of the most exciting one yet, with heist and a lot of crazy and fun missions along the way. The story follows Michael, a retired bank robber, Trevor which is nuts and Franklin who wants to rise to a new level as a criminal. These characters are surely unique with their back stories that help shape the story of the game. The game feels that lacks direction in some cases and does not really explain the motivation why you are going and doing this risky missions but as the game starts closing to conclusion it comes to a nice ending that felt like the closing act of a blockbuster action movie.


One thing to note is the improvement in the gameplay department that this game has over its previous title. This includes car handling that has been an issue before and now feels tight, checkpoints that make sens and avoid frustration, better shooting mechanics and a lot of other improvement that make the game work like a charm. The gameplay fluidity makes this gaming experience lack any frustration or lack of control. As typical as any other Grand Theft Auto game you’ll be stealing cars, driving around at high speeds, flying planes and base jumping and whilst that sound a lot and is fun incredibly is still nothing compared to what GTA V offers. Whilst you are moving from mission to mission you can spend your time on the stock exchange, shopping and customizing your character, pimping your ride, exploring the deep sees, playing sports and whatever else that the game throws at you. It’s simple, GTA V is massive and it’s a hard time finding yourself with nothing to do.

Los Santos is a beautiful place and every little detail gives this place a more realistic and believable look. The game is stunning, from its character models, car details, buildings and beautiful scenery the amount of detail and effort pays off. It is even more impressive to believe this game can run on such old hardware and proved that they put their time into using these console to their limits. The fact that it never happened for me to notice the same details repeated or any lazy designs proves the passion put in the game and delivers an unbelievable free roaming experience through its presentation. The sound design is another aspect that GTA always seems to nail. The voice actors which do a wonderful job at making these characters come to life to its wonderfully chosen soundtrack with some big artist to some pretty obscure stuff fitting in with the game and the mood.


Grand Theft Auto V stands to prove that they are indeed the best when it comes to free roaming games with a game that brings the series back to a more fun and enjoyable experience with a lot to offer. Grand Theft Auto is not perfect but hardly any games are, it has those glitches you’ll encounter a couple of times and there might be some issues that should affect some people but the fact that GTA V is fun and delivers on its promises with one of the most engaging worlds we ever got to explore. Considering its massive single player offerings and its upcoming and promising GTA Online, it’s hard see where the game does not live to its hype. GTA V is not another free roaming game but THE free roaming game that all other developers should aspire to achieve.

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GTAV pushes the limit on current gen hardware and pulls of the best game in the series and one of the best games we got this generation.

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