The Humble Bundle, Best of Humble Bundle Weekly Sale


Okay, so I noticed no one has mentioned anything about The Humble Bundle on the site so I thought of making an article about it for what it’s worth. I’ll basically be explaining what the Humble Bundle is and the top game I think you guys should get from this week’s weekly sale.

The Humble Bundle is pretty self explanatory in itself but for those who want a clearer meaning, it’s pretty much a pack or ‘bundle’ of games that you can get by paying ANYTHING you want. Literally. You can get a set of 5 games (sometimes more, sometimes less) for literally 1 cent. If you want to get all the games from the bundle , then you’re required to pay a minimum price for it, usually about $4 or $5. Cool huh?

That’s not it, it gets even better. Should you choose to, all the money that you’re giving for the bundle can be donated to charity. You can allocate your money to 3 factors. The developers of the game, Different types of charities including Child’s Play Charity or Electronic Frontier Foundation etc, and lastly, a humble tip to Humble Bundle for their services.

*DISCLAIMER: The top game is chosen based from personal taste, Reviews, and trailer videos provided by Humble Bundle itself.* 


This week’s top game from the Humble Bundle Weekly Sale is: 


Pulse is a minimalistic rhythm game for the Android device where there’s a pulsating ring that acts as the beat and you are required to click on these little dots as that ring passes over them. As you hit the dots on the right time, they expand and explode into colorful, vibrant patterns of leaves, butterflies and other intricate shapes that will definitely keep your eyes busy and your mind focused on the musical action.


To check out the Humble Bundle for yourself, click this link:


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