Just Dance 2014 (PS3) Game Review


By Brian Finney (3TR)
Just Dance 2014 serves as the newest edition to the Just Dance game franchise. I was playing on the PlayStation 3 version which requires the use of the PlayStation Move controller and PlayStation Eye Camera.

Just Dance 2014 has a series of up to 40 different music tracks from various artists. Each individual song can contain up to 4 different dancing modes and difficulties that you can perform. During each specific dance there will be a marker sliding from the bottom right corner of your screen. It’s your job to follow the directions with your move controller. Depending on your speed and accuracy you will be rewarded points which will range between Perfect, Great, Good and Ok. As you continue to collect points during the song you will be given a star rating on your performance that ranges from 1 to 5. With each star you achieve you will gain what is called a mojo coin. By collecting these mojo coins you will then have the ability to unlock new songs, new dance modes and new avatars for your character. One of the new game modes that can be unlocked is called On Stage Mode. This allows you to perform a song with a new background and a new pair of back-up dancers performing with your avatar character. During each dance routine, a camera icon will show up during certain sections of the song that will record you. By the end of the song, you will have a choice of whether or not to upload the video recording of yourself online so other players can see you’re dancing.

Another game mode that has been present in most of the installments in the Just Dance franchise is called “Sweat Mode”. This game mode has all the standard functions found in the regular game mode, however all of the songs dance routines are recreated to fit workouts. Each song contains multiple forms of workouts and the objective is a bit different during this mode. During “Sweat Mode” the objective is not the collection of points or stars, but to monitor how many calories you will lose with each body movement you perform.  The amount of calories lost will be determined on the speed and force you put into your PlayStation move controller.

Finally for the first time Ubisoft takes the Just Dance franchise online with the World Dance Floor mode. Now you can perform dance routines with players around the world. The mode works the same way as the standard single player mode with the gaining of stars, however you are not given as much control on which dances you choose to perform. Songs are picked at random and then players are given 2 or 3 choices of songs to choose from. Whichever song gains the most votes is the song the players will perform. At the end of every song you will be scored on your performance, then ranked on a world scale.

Final Summary:
In conclusion Just Dance 2014 is the kind of game that is better enjoyed with a group of friends or family. Depending on what system you use, it could change your experience with the game. Now since I was playing using the PlayStation Move I did happen to run across some problems. One issue I ran into was my Move Controller’s movements were not being registered, however this is a common problem with all games that use the PlayStation Move. This game is not for everyone and some people may not be fans of dancing games like this one. But for those who are not afraid to get up and “Bust A Move” you’re sure to have a lot of fun with this game.

Bottom Line

I have played most of the Just Dance franchise and this is the best one I have played so far. Anyone looking to find a fun game to play with friends and family will have alot of fun with this game.

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