Marvel Avengers Alliance Angers Players Yet Again


Playdom, a company known for their casual games including Gardens of Time and the very popular Marvel Avengers Alliance are once again being talked about all over Facebook. The reason this time is very negative. In a stunning move, Playdom has decided to extend their current player versus player season an extra week in order to fix a bug that many players claim existed weeks ago but was never dealt with.

With many other games this may not seem to be that big of a deal but with this particular game it is a huge blow to dedicated players of MAA.  This extension so close to the deadline of the tournament, results in a massive loss of in game resources for all those in the tournament. Fans of this game are outraged and have almost caused one of the Producers to shut down his Twitter account it.

About every 30-35 days, a hero is offered as a prize for the .5% top rated players. To stay high ranked you’re almost forced to buy in game currency in order to up your armory’s stats, making it easier to defeat other players. This can result in a lot of real life money spent for the sake of getting this hero earlier than others will. On top of this, each player needs challenge points. They act as energy in order to initiate battles. Dedicated pvp’ers will tell you that the last couple of days are the most vital. That’s the time that you save up the most challenge points that you can and go on an all out assualt the last few hours of the tournament. Challenge points have become harder to come by since Playdom removed them from the gifting option screen. They can only be bought or won through the game’s Incursions feature.

The tournament was headed towards it’s last hour when out of nowhere this was tweeted by game producer Justin Woods.



The bug in question, after much investigation was focused on Deadpool funny enough. Deadpool was apparently gaining extra turns in battles and this was being exploited by mutiple players. There are two different stories at the moment. Players in fan groups are claiming this glitch was always a problem but only 11 hours ago did Woods acknowledge it.

woods 4


The outrage of players in multiple Facebook fan groups is growing and Woods himself has logged off Twitter due to the messages he was receiving about this. Players who used all their resources are angered that with less than an hour left they were told the tournament would be extended and extra seven days.

This is not the first time there have been major issues in the player versus player system. There’s been accusations of hackers using one hit kill cheats, the game not loading in the last couple of hours in the tournament and at one point a tournament went so wrong that Playdom gave almost all players every prize available. There has also been the constant trashing on multiple sites and fan groups of their copy and paste style of customer service adding more anger to players.

This game has gained increased visibility and popularity due to Marvel’s rise in mainstream media and its new availability on Android and Apple devices. I have seen first hand the excitement at conventions over this game and news related to this game. With players growing angrier each month because of each tournament what can Playdom do? Boycott talk has already sprouted up on the official forum and fan groups. Does this game still have legs to stand on or is the end near for Playdom’s biggest hit?

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