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Pokémon X and Y has finally been the Pokemon game that makes this world feel alive and complete and whilst very little changes have been made from the core gameplay the game is easily one of the best entries in the series.

The Pokémon games have never really made stories the center piece of the game and it certainly has not changed in X and Y. In fact the story is quite non existent until you get later on in the game where the story starts to come up again and right after the Elite Four comes to a closure. The story therefore is nothing more then you are typically used too but that is more than enough.


Pokémon X and Y has also had very little changes from previous games in the series which is expected since there is basically nothing wrong to fix but the few changes that were made has helped the game feel more accessible and also a little bit easier. The first thing that surely makes the game feel different is the famous Experience Share which has now become even more of a thing since it allows the experience gained to be shared with all the Pokémon on your team. Basically this means that leveling up Pokémon especially those which you will start the journey with will all level up together and the team gets stronger on the same level. You also gain experience from catching Pokémon which makes the game feel a lot more fair than it used to be. For experienced Pokémon players this might seem to make the game easier but there is always the option to turn this off, on the other hand for most gamers these changes help make the game a lot less frustrating and therefore easily more enjoyable. There is also a new type of Pokémon, Fairies, which now are there to rival Dragon types which will mean a lot of tactics will have to change. Mega Pokémon also appear for the first time which take evolution an extra step by having it occur mid battle and that can change the outcome of the battle anytime.

This game also throws you in the game a lot quicker than before and this allows you to immediately get on your adventure quicker and with a lot less annoying steps we typically go through like getting our pair of Running Shoes. A new addition to the series is the customization aspect which is quite welcomed in the series. Now you can choose your look and style to make your character feel a lot more unique and with more hats to choose from. It’s a good new addition that hopefully keep returning with more options for us to choose from. There is also a good use to the touch screen with functions like the Player Search System that allows you to see friends online and also complete stranger and interact with them through battles, trades and other options that make it feels the closest we come to a Pokémon MMO. There is also the new Nintendogs like mini-game that helps you interact with your Pokémon and a Super Training to increase your Pokémon stats. The online modes in X and Y are in fact quite solid and allows the game to be playable as long as one wants and with features like the GTS and Wonder Trade you can be trading Pokémon all over the world.


The biggest change relies in the visuals of Pokémon X and Y. You cannot deny how much better this Pokémon game looks just from the 3D environments to its battles and even the little details. Never before a Pokémon region has looked so good and felt this alive and that is exactly what most of us want to see. The battles themselves now have a more exciting look to them with 3D models for the Pokémon and more animations to try and recreate those battles we all used to love from the anime. Whilst visuals might not be the most important aspect of the game they are welcome in the series that help the game feel fresh and new.

Pokémon X and Y proves that the series wants to move forward and improve upon their games and this is not a game to skip this year. It offers a nice stepping stone for new comers to the series whilst also being biggest jump in changes from the previous titles. This is one Pokémon adventure not wroth skipping and it a start of a new generation of Pokémon games.

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This is one Pokémon adventure not wroth skipping and it a start of a new generation of Pokémon games.

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