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With the PS4s exclusive launch line-up being a bit underwhelming PlayStation owners are looking for that key game that makes the purchase of their next gen console feel worth it. While Resogun is not the game that will make your $400 purchase worthwhile, it is the game that will most certainly take up the most of your time.maxresdefault

By far the PlayStation 4’s best exclusive Resogun is a simple premise with a lot more to it then you may expect.  Housemarque who most notably created indie gems such as Super Stardust HD, Outland and Dead Nation take an old school idea and put their own spin on it. The concept is simple, but the execution is extraordinary. If you take Asteroids, Defender, mix in some amazing particle effects and set the chaos level to high, that is Resogun. As each level begins you hear the words “Save The Last Humans” and then the beat drops.

Quite literally the beat drops; the music in Resogun is possibly the best part of the entire game. It’s a mix of Dub step and pop that is very engaging and adds a level of entertainment to the experience. Unlike Asteroids or Defender, Resogun sets its levels on a cylinder rather than a flat surface. Throughout each level humans are trapped in boxes in which you must protect them and save them from enemies within each stage.

Certain enemies release the trapped humans and attempt to take them away, while other enemies simply destroy the humans altogether. It is the job of the player to protect as many humans as possible in order to rank up.

What makes things interesting is that in order to pass a level you in fact do not have to save the last humans. You can completely avoid all of the humans and keep your focus on survival until you reach the levels final boss battle.

RESOGUNThe controls are pretty straight forward. It’s the same control scheme that Housemarque has used in the past. The most notable of the games using this scheme being Dead Nation. It is the twin stick approach where you use the left thumb stick to maneuver and the right stick to fire your primary weapons. There are some more in depth controls which are well worth learning, but they do take a bit more skill to master.

The game functions on a multiplier scoring system which revolves around everything you do during the level. Kill more enemies, save more humans and your score ranks up. Avoid them and your score stays low for the final boss battle and you lose out on all of the possible perks such as power ups, overdrive and energy boost.

Resogun is a visual spectacle that really shows off what running at 60 frames per second can really do to improve your gaming experience. Everything runs smoothly and there is no screen tearing or texture pop ups. Leaving everything the game has to offer on the screen for your eyes to marvel at. The colors used for the game are dark and neon centered which really make the music and art fit in line with one another.

RESOGUN-PlayStation-4-Exclusive-1080P-HD-TrailerAlso if you want to experience this with a friend or significant other Resogun allows you to do so. The game has a Cooperative mode that is as engaging as the single player. Reason being is that it brings the exact same things to the table except you have someone coming along for the ride.

So sure Resogun may not post the pedigree that big titles are set to deliver this holiday season and being able to finish the game in one sitting may not warrant spending $14.99, but the replay value is high and it tends to keep you engaged hours after you have beat it. I could see myself wasting 15-30 minutes every day for a long time just attempting to rank my way up the leaderboards. If you are a PlayStation 4 owner and you have not downloaded Resogun yet well, shame on you.

Resogun proves again why every PlayStation owner should have PS Plus. The value is clearly there and getting this game for free makes the $50 a year subscription fee well worth it.


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Resogun proves again why every PlayStation owner should have PS Plus.

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