Rime; The First True Next Gen Experience?


OK internet; let’s have a little talk. While there’s many games coming out for XBOne and PS4 along with the consoles release and a fair few of them are next generation games by definition I don’t think we’ve yet quite seen any games that will be providing a next generation experience…

That was until Sony showed off trailer for a little game called Rime and for me at least we may have just seen game that has the potential to provide that next gen experience. Straight away it looks beautiful in a way that echoes Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and the coming HB remake of Zelda: The Wind Waker but it seems to be making the most of all the extra power that comes with the new generation to make it something that could only be done on the newest generation.Rime-image

The game it’s self seems to be wide open, pulling the camera back to show off vast areas with huge draw distances which having amazing weather, light and shadows… I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure that you’d have to drop or drop done a few levels of quality of that for it to work on the current gen consoles.

While you can make a very valid argument that graphically it isn’t as spectacular as other release games that’s not the important thing as the game is going for a different feel and top of the line graphics aren’t necessary to convey the experience… but you could make a very good argument for some of the best lighting and environment effects shown off so far. The landscape in the midday sun or the lighting effects in the shadows towards the end of the trailer.1377028565_faraway_tower.jpg

I hope that these are combined into the game play and narrative as well but even if not they all come together into making an amazing fantastical world that will be truly a joy to experience when it gets to be released.

Given Tequila Works last (and only other) game Deadlight, which wasn’t’ amazing while showing off some very cool environments did Microsoft pass on this game? Or was it always pitched as a game for the PS4? Either way its right at home with Sony and will go along way for making up for The Last guardian… I actually would have not been surprised if Team Ico were the actual developers. Either way Rime looks amazing and I can’t wait to see more.

David Ryatta

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