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Skullgirls is one of the most gorgeous fighting games I ever had the chance to experience. Typically visuals are always something of an added bonus but it is hard to skip over how unbelievable good this fighter looks. Skullgirls does not use this factor to slack on its other aspects with robust gameplay and competitive aspect.

To get the plot out of the way, the games basis itself around the Skull Heart that is a mysterious which has the power to grant young woman’s wishes. The worst part about such an artifact is that in case of an impure heart the whole wish could be twisted in different vile ways. In cases in which the person is indeed impure they become the Skullgirl. It is a fairly interesting plot but hardly did it do much to the enjoyment of the game since the story modes are fairly short with a couple of matches that should not take long but this is a fighting game so its really hard to believe you are interested for the story.


One thing to note is that this game is hard, brutally hard if you are not one to spend hundreds of hours refining your skills on fighting games which means get into Skullgirls warned. Even going through training and learning the basics does not mean that a newcomer will easily grasp the controls and probably one would end up button mashing their way through. The issue here is that the game offers a challenge to the “noob” even at the lowest difficulty and it gets harder each higher level so it might just be that button mashing would not even help in those cases. Personally my knowledge and skill in fighting game is pretty limited but for some reason even in cases of helpless button mashing the game never really felt like having a hard time to make me enjoy myself. The game has the typical arcade mode which takes you to play the story of various characters that all have their own style and moves as one would expect and indeed Skullgirls caracther design is quite impressive and in fact only females are in the roster. You also have tag battles and through its online mode that makes the game infinitely re playable even with its lack of modes offered, from personal experience its online ran smooth most of the time but obviously be warned that typically most people testing heir skills online are there because they know what they are doing. Overall Skullgirls whilst its depth in combos and controls it still offered a fun time for less skilled and more pick up and play gamers at lower levels of difficulty with still a little bit of challenge to them.

Skullgirls probably will attract people to it from its distinctive art style that is done to perfection. Since all characters are females the art style does always try to show off the qualities of such characters so a lot of skin is seen and without any shame, personally this is not something I would find to be an issue. The animations are done beautifully and look smooth and the creativity shines in the characters movements with backdrops that help bring the game to an even better level of visuals. The game also does not disappoint in its audio department and the game is accompanied with a beautiful soundtrack that gives the game even more character.


Skullgirls does feel like a tournament-grade fighter and that is a good thing but it is always appreciated when such games deliver an experience that can also be enjoyed by players not willing to dedicate themselves, some fighters completely make it impossible for these gamers. Considering it also is one of the best looking fighters around if you enjoy the hand drawn art styles it is a fighting game worth a try by anyone who feels they could get a good time out of it. Skullgirls is a solid fighter for anyone of any skill level looking for a good enjoyable fighting game.

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Skullgirls is a gorgeous fighter that offers fun for both the competitive audience and gamers just looking to have some fun.

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