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The moment I heard about a pixel based game styled on the Star Trek franchise, I just knew I had to get my hands on it, being the massive old school pixel junkie and Trek fan that I am. Imagine my surprise when I was granted a review copy by the lovely folks at YesGnome. If you are a Star Trek fan, you are going to love the copious amounts of fanservice, and if you love pixel based games, Star Trek Trexels is going to make you one happy explorer.


You are cast in the role of a Starfleet admiral and tasked with the dubious honor of searching for the missing USS Valiant, that seems to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances while on its mission exploring the uncharted Trexel system. The game opens with the Valiant on its fateful mission, done as if you were watching an episode from the original series. It really helps to draw you into the story in a way many mobile games just can’t, or don’t do. The wonderfully unexpected voice-over by Star Trek alum, George Takei sets you off, in your Constitution Class starship, to investigate. This being Trek, nothing is quite as easy as it may seem. Your ship is fresh from the construction yard and is essentially empty aside from a few crew quarters, shuttle bay, main engineering, and the main bridge. In true fashion you seem to be the only ship in the system and head out, while trying to finish construction on your vessel.


Star Trek Trexels takes a number of features from other successful mobile games and incorporates them. You have to build various rooms, labs, security, and other structures in the same vain as you would in Tiny Tower, the game taking its art style from that game as well. It all works quite nicely together but comparisons will be made and it may deter the average person from picking up Star Trek Trexels because of it. The game tries to overcome this by adding several novel features that make you feel more part of an episode of the series.


This being a licenced game, and because it’s Star Trek, you will encounter famous characters from other Trek series and timelines. The developers, in true Trek fashion, have made the Trexel expanse a weird point in the galaxy by having time rips all over the place. This means you will not only encounter TOS characters but also Next Generation characters that will help you on your adventure. It’s always a pleasure when you beam in a new officer and have them interact with your crew. YesGome have also implemented a basic combat system that you use regardless of the situation. When you enter combat, research, etc, you will see blue energy cubes appear on screen that you must tap to collect. you can them spend them on attack points, or healing points. Your goal is to complete each encounter before the timer expires. It’s a strange system to be sure, but it makes for a simple mobile experience, not to mention it’s always fun watching your characters, whether they be on an away team mission or space battle interact on screen.


I can not praise the sound of Star Trek Trexels enough. Everything from the original series is here is clear and crisp. The music is straight from the show, including the now legendary fight scene music. Beeps and whistles permeate the ship and even when you aren’t in game, game time continues to pass as in Tiny Tower, you will be notified with authentic Star Trek sounds. Everything is a delight right down to the relaxing hum of the ships engines.


Another fun features is when dealing with space flight. From the games menu, thats done with an LCARS overlay, you can at anytime select the combat icon. This then takes you to an outside view of your ship cruising slowly through space. You can them man the phasers and destroy incoming asteroids, debris, comets, and alien ships. This simple segment allows you to collect energy, research, and power cubes with each destroyed enemy allowing you to spend them on research and building without have to let the game sit on its own.


For fans of the series, Star Trek Trexels is a must own, and for being only $2.99 on the Apple App Store is an amazing bang for the buck. I mean where else, aside for your weirdly descriptive fan-fic, can you have the Borg and the TOS characters duke it out!



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For fans of the series, Star Trek Trexels is a must own.

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