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So last year Telltales the walking dead game took the video game world by storm. It took beloved comic book series which was then adapted into it hit TV series and turned it into a brand-new video game franchise. This Time around Telltale brings us there new videogame “The Wolf Among Us” which is based on the popular comic book series Fables

The overall premise of the game is that you play as the big bad wolf who is cleverly named Bigby Wolf, Bigby is the sheriff of a place called fable town. Which is a place where fairy tales that were banished from there mystical homelands now live among humans and have to rely on a magical potion called glamour to make them look human to keep. If they do not but this glamour then Bigby must take them to a location called “the farm”. I myself have never actually read the fable series but I have heard that it is a darker take on the fairy tales we grew up hearing.Right off the back you can tell what this series is going to be. From all of the cursing, smoking and even hints of prostitution you know that this is not your average fairy tale story.

What makes the story super compelling is the fact that these fairy tale creatures are nowhere near living the lives that they used to live in their fairy tale worlds. Most of them live in Poverty ridden sections of town with no money and no real means on how to make it out of their current situation.Wolf-Among-Us-Fight

Quickly in this episode we see a murder take place and Bigby Wolf has to figure out what has happen since he is the one that is in charge of insuring every fables safety. To make matters worse Fables can’t really ever die so the fact that one has died brings a lot of intrigue and mystery into the game. Like The Walking Dead game this one is going to be episodic and it’s going to evolve throughout all of the five episodes. With The players choice taking a key role in how the story unfolds.

The game has a really unique look and I absolutely love the art style that Telltale uses for their games. They feel as if each scene is completely ripped out of comic book pages themselves. That being said I would have to say that on occasion some of the scenes do get a bit too dark and muddy and make it hard to see exactly what’s going on.

the-wolf-among-us-640x360What truly makes “The Wolf Among Us” and Telltale games in general stand out from other games is the amazing voice acting and writing that there games have. This games voice acting is actually very much improved from their previous works which allowed me to get even more immersed into this universe that they have created.

Along with the amazing voice work and writing the game also brings along Telltales combat system which is usually set around Quick time events which I myself enjoy. That being the case I can see where others will not like the type of mechanic this game has as much. Luckly for the fans of the combat style they do bring us a new mechanic which has us attempting to line up the analog stick with a red circle that appears on the screen while also hitting one of the trigger buttons. This could be considered a frustrating new mechanic but to me I found it brought tension to the combat scenes. It also allowed for it to feel different enough to make me intrigued by the whole combat system in general.thewolfamongus_003_fabletown_environment

Also throughout my playthrough I came across some moments where the game would chug along as if I had bad connection. I’m not sure if that was just something on my part or if it was something that the game needed to patch. When it did happen it took me out of the experience for a few seconds but it was nothing that would make me not want to play it again.

I particularly love “The Wolf Among Us” and would highly recommend it to anybody that wants to play a unique and story driven game. The experience as a whole is an overall improvement over Last year’s Walking Dead game. Although that would depend on which story you find yourself more invested in and enjoying.For me this game as a whole brought great suspense, great voice acting with amazing dialogue and writing that just immersed me into the world. There is a Ton of replay value here because once you’re finished you’re still trying to figure out if you made the proper choices. Did you save the right person, did you arrest the wrong person, could you have done things differently for a better outcome. Those are feelings that I still have as I’m making this review. Those exact ones which will have me go back and play the story over and make different decisions. The game is phenomenal and you should definitely check it out for the low price of $4.99 on the Xbox Marketplace.

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For me this game as a whole brought great suspense, great voice acting with amazing dialogue and writing that just immersed me into the world.

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