Top 10 Games of 2013 | Dylan Ray Thornton


10. Guacamelee! is a fun metroid-vania style game that really offers a challenge to the player. Join that with its beautiful visual style and hardly are there any issues with this title, pure hard fun.


9. Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag is the latest entry in the AC series but feels like it could stand on its own with its wonderful rendition of the pirate world. What it lacks of typical Assassin’s Creed it more than makes up for it in its gameplay.


8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengance is the game that defines “coolness” in the world of videogames. It’s fast, crazy, extreme and a lot of fun that makes for one hell of a game.

Metal gear solid rising 1920x1080

7. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is supposed to be Layton’s final adventure for now and it certainly did not disappoint. Another solid title in the series with an interesting story and lots of challenging puzzles along the way.


6. Fire Emblem Awakening easily could be one of the best RPGs you could play. This solid title has basically set itself as one of the best games you can get your hands on for the 3DS.


5. Tomb Raider makes its way back to the gaming world with a bang. The game that many saw as the Uncharted clone comeback proved that it can do things even better and that it holds its’ own. Hopefully a reboot that will bring a couple of sequels.

Tomb Raider pic

4. BioShock Infinite set itself apart from the competition by its mind blowing story and Elizabeth, a character that made many of us care and love her throughout our play through.


3. Tearaway has already set itself as a Vita classic, full of creativity with a good use of every gimmick the Vita has to deliver for an experience like none other.


2. Pokémon X and Y is that latest entry of one of the most notable series around. Through a few changes and perfection with the whole new revamp of the visuals it’s easily the best Pokémon game yet, especially for those wanting to go online to trade away their monsters or battle it out online.


1. GTA V is the game that is able to perfect most things other games strive to do. From its solid gameplay to its gorgeous huge open world that is accompanied by an interesting story, there is very little to say wrong about this game. This is one to remember from the best of the generation.

gta v main

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