Top 25 Games this Generation [PS3, Xbox 360 Wii] (David Ryatta)


So it’s finally time to step into the next generation of consoles so I thought that it was time to have a little recap of my top 25 games from this current generation.

This list includes all 3 major consoles; the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii but I want to set a few ground rules as well… first off everything here is my own very biased opinion so expect a few mediocre choices lower down the list because I personally enjoyed them (but I’ll always give very good reasons for choosing them).

Also I don’t like to double up on franchises so if I have a franchise on here than just take my word for it that it’s the best one of how many there are… and this extends to spin offs should there be any and finally I’m no stranger to importing so expect to see a game or two you’ve never heard of… which just makes it all the more fun 🙂

Now what you see below if more of a summary as my two main video’s here illustrate in much more detail what makes these games so special so I’d highly recommend giving them a watch as my argument will be that much stronger.
(Click on either too see the full list of 25 in HD glory!)
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So anyway onto the main attraction:

25: Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

Following on from the movie this isn’t the best game you’ll ever likely to play but it might just have the best 3rd person cover system any game has had this generation. It’s fast, stylish and brings together several different mechanics of 3rd person shooter games together and makes them work flawlessly along with the awesome ability to curve bullets.

24: Mirror’s Edge.

A welcome switch up to the standard first person adventure that found a way to make parkour work and still provides an experience like no other. The game is far from perfect but we have a sequel coming for next gen and what’s a new IP that shows promise if there’s no chance to improve upon the ground rules.




23: Child of Eden.

This might be the most phycheadellic game of the list, a sister sequel to Rez but optimised for Kinect and Move. It’s a stylish on rails shooter with a story that makes no sense but it doesn’t matter as you’ll just have fun shooting everything coming at you and watching the screen bleed color! It’s certainly one of the better motion game shooters this generation while trying to be fresh as well.


22: Afrika.

Now this game might not have been released where you live, it wasn’t in the UK but it was an original showpiece showing the power of the PS3. Animals of Afrika brought to life for you to go and explore; essentially the game is an evolution of Pokémon Snap but in real life with all sorts of challenges. Certainly a lite hearted game… unless you get too close to the animals and become lunch!


21: Shadows of the Damned.

This could be called the game that Resident Evil 5 could and arguable should have been. A collaboration of RE creator Shinji Makimi and Suda 51 Shadows is essential a demon based grindhouse movie that knows how to have fun. The world is twisted in all sorts of way but it gives you that unsettling feel as well like a good horror game especially in the more tense sections. But it should be played for the comedy value alone!


20: Valkyria Chronicles.

This stunning watercolour of a game is your perfect cross between Fire Emblem and Gears of War. You play it like a tactical game until you move your troops, then everything is real time and you’re in control of your characters on the battlefield. Light hearted war fun in the vein of Advance Wars but a good challenge as well and a classic!

19: Lost Oddysea.

Back when Microsoft was gunning for the Japanese market they threw out JRPG’s by the bucket load and this is by far the best of them. A complete homage to the traditional Final Fantasies of old you guided immortals on a quests to recover their memories in the traditional a tradition turn based battle system with added interactive elements similar to Shadow Hearts.

18: Kamen Rider Battleride Wars.

This will be lost of all but a few of you but Kamen Rider is big in Japan and this Dynasty Warriors clone brings them all together in a massive war. It’s simple and fun and just great for having a blast while having all the voice actors return for a whole decade plus of characters. Its superheroes destroying hundreds of troops… now what if an Avengers game was made like this… you’d play it!


17: Vanquish.

Leave it to Platinum Studios to take a concept and evolve it into something fast paced and frantic; this time it’s the 3rd person shooter but you’re in a tech suit and you can power slide across the battle field along with a ton of other skills and minor RPG elements. The story was predictable but that’s not why you’d play this one! It’s adrenaline junkie fuel all the way.


16: Viva Piñata.
I’m calling this as the most beautiful game of this generation. A sandbox with fantastical creatures saturated in every colour the Xbox could throw out! It’s still challenging despite being aimed at kids and unfortunately is now just another remnant of when Microsoft went all out to try and build new audiences only to give up and resort back to more predicable stuff and Rare has been stuck making Kinect games ever since.



15: Gears of War.

This was the point when people saw what this generation truly had to offer. Gears was dark, and moody but the atmosphere was amazing as for the first time we had dynamic lightning, bump maps and amazing texturing combined to become something more than the sum of its parts. Also it’s responsible for making chest high walls a ‘thing’ and making awesome trailers.



14: Flower.

While the Sixaxis may have been abandoned in favour of the Dual Shock 3 Flower was the one game that knew how to use it! A beautiful thematic game that appears to have you guiding the collected dreams of a few potted flowers together from a beautiful land to decay technological down fall to a hybrid fusion of both. It sounds crazy but it’s an experience in gameplay and emotion that everyone should be trying… and it’s coming to the PS4 as well!

13: DmC: Devil May Cry.

Most Devil May Cry fans didn’t like the direction this game went in, but as reboots go it does its job flawlessly as it opened but the series for new comers, made the game easier while still being a challenge and having depth and finally re tooled the characters to have more emotional growth over the course of the game. I loved all the Devil May Cry games but this one set it’s self apart and creates a universe I’d like to see again but likely won’t.


12: Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The game that gave us hope for superhero games. Batman AA broke the mould in every way for licenced media and gave us a well-crafted, fan revered and mechanically amazing game that has set the bar ever since. While you might prefer the open world added in the sequel AA was tight, precise and fluid in its story as well as battle system which I think was lost a little in its move to Arkham City.



11: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

The second of Ezio’s adventures shook up the formula from the second entry by setting the whole game in Rome and letting you build a brotherhood from scratch. This entry also had some of the best villains and once again allowed Ezio to grow in new ways as he rose to become the leader of the Assassins. Let’s not forget this game also added multiplayer to the series and that itself is something special and a completely different experience compared to other game franchises.
10:­­ Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty 4 was the game changer for narrative in first person shooters, also very nearly cancelled by Activision early in development. However this game took what we expect from out FPS’s and developed a whole new way to do both single and multiplayer scenarios. The campaign was amazing and broke grounds at every turn and the multiplayer is still being setting the benchmark today!


9: Prince of Persia

The rebooted series hit the rough side of the fan base being generally hated yet receiving very high critical praise. The game never let you die but in return presented you with a story and world like no other in both scope and beauty and a story that made the eventual ending so bitter sweet it hurt and the epilogue only made it more tragic when Ubisoft quietly decided to abandon this new universe and possibly the Persia series all together since Assassin’s Creed set the free running benchmark. But it’s a classic that everyone should experience.

8: Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed.

For me this is the racing game of the generation. I’d previously had a soft spot for Diddy Kong Racing and Sumo Digital mixed the multi vehicle approach of that and evolved it into an amazing game that is almost a love letter to Sega’s past and present. It drove like Outrun and looked like 40 Sega games mixed into one. You could not ask for more if you grew up with Sega.




7: Resident Evil 6.
This may well be divisive but I believe Resident Evil 6 deserves to be this high up on the list. A game that is in no way perfect but took the best parts of every game and attempted to make an experience that would have something in it for every fan. While the game proves the Jack of all trades; master of none rule superbly it was a blast from start to finish and sent the series off on a high note ready for the reboot in the new generation



6: Tales of Xillia.

The tales games might just be the new Final Fantasy with every entry bringing an awesome story and traditional RPG values while being evolutional all the time as well. Xillia is a mix of everything that came before yet manages to evolve every aspect it borrows further to make a game that have depth in game play and story while retaining its charm and humour everyone expects from Tales games, plus a dual campaign given you a reason to reply even with the new game plus Grade system already present.


5: Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider came full circle this generation originally being the inspiration for the Uncharted games, now Uncharted inspires this reboot of the Tomb Raider series. Lara Croft is deadlier then every yet you see her evolve into and learn in a highly entertaining trial by fire that see’s you exploring a whole island and becoming an army of one. Every moment of the game is a set piece and it never fails to entertain.
4: The Last of Us.

Naughty Dog’s final offering of this generation gave birth to what most people agree is the game of the year, if not of the generation. While not my top choice it’s filled with so much passion in its development that carried over into the gameplay and story. It has to be experienced by everyone as it manages to feel more real than any other apocolypse game from the strength of its characters; their written and acted sublimely. The tricks ND use to create their games also make the Last of Us possibly the best looking game of the generation as well.
3: Super Mario Galaxy

Platforming perfection! That’s Mario games for you but Galaxy is in a universe of its own (who doesn’t love a good pun!). Every Mario game Nintendo make is a genre defining masterpiece that send ripples through the industry that causes other companies to strive to follow for decades on end. Galaxy is the prettiest, most fun and rewarding platformer of this generation and deserves to be kept alive as a series unto itself.



2: Dark Souls.

Just when you thought gaming was getting easier Dark Souls came along to remind you just how hard it truly used to be 3 console generations ago. It pulled no punches and demanded you learn to adapt, fight and survive in its overly harsh world. It made it seem like you never had a chance, but you did have time; time to learn from your mistakes and prevail from where you had previously failed. If you went online to summon help you faced being invaded as well making every step to obtain help a further step into potential danger as well. A blast to the past made modern.
1: Resonance of Fate.

Known as End of Eternity in Japan Resonance of Fate is the ultimate Anti J-RPG, J-RPG. It takes every trope you have come to expect from them over the generations and turns them upside down. You want swords? You get guns, slow turn based battles are replace with tactical yet fast and frantic battles that look like the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie cross bred with the Matrix. You get character customisation, an imaginative clockwork based world to explore with a clever progression system and finally you get the characters…

The 3 main heroes are so well acted and scripted they play off each other better than any I’ve ever seen in a game; their dialog in and out of battle is hilarious and the sitcom chapter based nature of the game hiding the bigger picture sets you up perfectly to appreciate the character driven dynamics as you learn about each in over the course of the game. It’s ‘the’ game you must play this generation!


So that was my top 25 list, I hope you enjoyed reading and I highly suggest checking out the videos of you not yet have done as you’ll really see what makes each and every game here truly special!

David Ryatta

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