Top 35 PlayStation 3 Games Of All Time


Sure the PlayStation 4 arrives this week, but we here at Geeked Out Nation will never forget all of the amazing games that the PlayStation 3 was able to deliver during its time. So what we decided to do was take a look back at all of the PS3 games and decide which 35 PlayStation 3 titles ranked above the rest.

Make sure that you comment below with your favorite PS3 games and tell us why it deserved to be higher on the list. This list was determined through a number of polls and debates to figure out which game was to be the #1 best game on the PS3. Not everyone agrees with every pick on the list but it was voted upon and these are the games.


35. Bioshock InfinitePS3Move_FOB (1)

Developer: Irrational Games, 2K Australia    Publisher: 2K games   Released: March 2013

Bioshock Infinite is one of those games that come by every year that also come with a ton of hype.  Hardly do those games live up to the hype, but this title certainly did.  The shooting mechanics weren’t the best at times, but that is not where this game shines.  The best parts of the game are the environment and the plot. It took me hours to get past the early stages of the game because I took my time and looked at every knock and cranny.  The characters of Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth bring a smile to my face every time I think of them and the ending of the game will leave you speechless.  You realize that even the details of the game make complete sense and everything is polished.  Playing through this game was a joy and every other gamer should do the same.

 – Dylan Mickanen-


resistance_3_final_m134. Resistance 3

Developer: Insomniac Games Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment                 Released: September 2011

When it comes to first person shooters the community tends to forget about the Resistance series. Not because the series is bad but because the series is more structured around story telling. It tells a tale of a world that was hit by an asteroid that nearly wiped out mankind. An evil power has over taken most of the world and you as the hero must save it. What makes the game amazing is the great voice work and outstanding writing that mixes in a fantastic weapon system and also gives you an array of weapons that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

-Steven Merced-



33. Dragon Age Originsdragonage1

Developer: Bioware, Edge of Reality Publisher: EA   Released: November 2009

Dragon Age was a game that allowed for Bioware and EA to take the elements that made the Mass Effect series so amazing and incorporate them into a world of magic and mystical creatures. It was Skyrim before Skyrim if that makes any sense. Sure you will find it very surprising that Skyrim does not make this list, but you must remember that on PS3 it was almost unplayable. So upon looking back one of the best times I had in a world of medieval times on PS3 was Dragon Age: Origins.


-Steven Merced-



Dishonored_PS332. Dishonored

Developer: Arkane Works       Publisher: Bethesda Softworks         Released: October 2012

Dishonored, released at the end of last year (2012) for most platforms, developed by Arkane Works and published by Bethesda, was, rather accurately, described as a fusion of many gaming greats including Bioshock, Assassins Creed and Half-life 2. The huge variety you had in taking down your targets over a variety of locations (including a party!) with the purpose of seeking revenge made for many an individual story amongst those who played it and the ability to use powers to teleport or stop time was just awesome fun. While initially short in total game time and mostly unnoticed by the general public, the wealth of options available to you throughout the game still makes this worthy of being in our top games list, nothing like using powers to make a guy shoot himself with his own bullet unintentionally or using swarms of rats to eat away at all those who oppose you!

-Alex Macus-


31. Grand Theft Auto 4GTAIV_PS3_OWP_FINAL

Developer: Rockstar   Publisher: Rockstar Games     Released: April 2008

Sure the story was mediocre at best and the main protagonist was not very likable, but what makes GTA 4 make this list is the simple fact that it was the beginning of something much bigger. It started something that would lead R* to create gems like Red Dead Redemption and GTA V. We got glimpses of what they could do as a company and what they were planning for their future games. It tells the story of the American Dream and just how corrupted that dream can become or taken for granted. The games open world would have been considered the best of its kind when it came out and the introduction of multiplayer into a GTA game proved that R* had a few tricks up their sleeves. It was not just slapped together last minute the way other companies have done in the past. You could tell that time and effort were strongly put into it and it was heavily played many years after its release.

-Steven Merced-


30. NBA 2k12jaquette-nba-2k12-playstation-3-ps3-cover-avant-g-1315322082

Developer: Visual Concepts    Publisher: 2K Sports    Released: October 2011

After the major success in the sports simulation world that was NBA 2K11 featuring the all time greatest, Michael Jordan, NBA 2K12 stepped it up further with the coming back of MJ along with other all-time greats such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen etc. As is the usual case with 2K sports, their games just got better and better and this is the case with 2K12. New controls make it easier to post up, call for picks and set plays up. On top of this, the wide variety of game modes, like creating a legend or the Association mode, will surely keep players busy all-year long

-Farrel Nobel –




29. Tales of Xilliacover-art

Developer: Namco Tales Studio         Publisher: Namco Bandai Games       Released: August 2013 (2011 for Japan)

The Tales of Series of games have been evolving now for the best part of 2 decades and have reached the point now where the quality and experience you get from each entry may well exceed the Final Fantasy series. Tales of Xillia uses a wonderfully stunning art style and a real time battle system that’s to die for! When you play a Tales of game you get a story that’s both inventive and distinctive that will last you through 50+ hours of game time with Xillia giving you extra incentive to reply that game with 2 different characters being available in this one. It’s not to be missed and it may be the RPG swan song for the PS3 as its sequel didn’t hold up as well in my opinion. It’s unfortunately become a bit rare despite only being out a couple of months old in English but it’s worth searching down and playing!

-David Ryatta-


MLB11_PS3coversheet_12_728. MLB the Show 11

Developer: SCE San Diego Studio       Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: March 2011

The Show is the best baseball game around. It brought innovation and realism to a sport that for the most part was undercut in the past. The photo-real stadiums, fantastic pitching, and the overall presentation add up to a killer app for baseball lovers. If you’re an MLB fanatic, the PS3 was the system to buy because of this amazing game.

-Steven Merced-





27. Fallout 3F3goty_ps3_cover

Developer: Bestheda  Publisher: Bestheda    Released: October 2008

I myself was never the biggest fan of the Fallout series and never understood the reasoning behind the hype. That was clearly a wrongful doing on my part and it clearly shows that I have grown as a gamer and person. Bethesda has been cranking out hits for years and it was not until I played Skyrim that I realized what made their games so memorable. You may find it odd that Skyrim is not on this list, but that is not because the game was bad. It was just simply almost unplayable on the PS3. What that game did was allow me to go back and give Bethesda games another chance. Fallout 3 was the clear standout when going back to replay these older games.  The world that was created and the atmosphere and feel of desperation that I felt while playing this game rivals any suspenseful movie I have ever seen. Not to mention that the game gives you one of the best open world RPG experience you will ever encounter.

-Steven Merced-


jaquette-dark-souls-playstation-3-ps3-cover26. Dark Souls

Developer: From Software     Publisher: Namco Bandai       Released: October 2011

Dark Souls released in 2011, developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai, was both feared and celebrated as one of the most frustrating and yet rewarding RPG games for most platforms. The medieval fantasy themed world and enemies within it were truly gob smacking, but only for those not for the faint of heart, as little guidance was provided and simple mistakes were punished with no mercy shown, causing in some cases even grown gamers to cry. However, every mistake was a learning experience and there was nothing that couldn’t be beaten through sheer dedication, leaving the completion of Dark Souls for many a gamer as being one of their greatest and most enjoyable achievements. Those that have played it though will tell you one thing if you decide to give it a go, be prepared to die!

– Alex Macus-


25. Flower13211-cover_hires

Developer: Thatgamecompany          Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: February 2009

If the PC and PSN game Flow was Jenova Chen’s experiment to show how ‘flow’ is instrumental to video game design and gameplay than Flower was proving it! For such a simple concept of guiding a petal on the wind through a what may well turn out to be the dreams of plants you became emotionally invested in a game where there industry was the villain… as abstract as the game itself I know, but you took the dream world and explored it from grasslands of color to industrial corruption and finally to a true eco-hybrid world. You have to mention the true beauty of this game, with such a wonderfully diverse color palette it was a true job to behold and is possibly one of the few games to make great use of the Sixaxis controller. No doubt its PS4 port will be just as beautiful if not more so!

-David Ryatta-


PS3-Infamous2-cover324. Infamous 2

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions            Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: May 2009

In the Infamous games we take control of Cole MacGrath a man who has to decide if he wants to use his super powers to fight the good fight or become evil. That’s what makes Infamous as a series so much fun, it gives you a hold of a sandbox game with powers. It’s the X-men game comic nerds have wanted for years but were never able to really get. In the second installment the pace is changed by introducing a new city and new powers. It still gave you the freedom that was granted in the first but improved upon everything from graphics to story and it truly showed the world the power of the PlayStation 3.

-Steven Merced-



23. Little Big Planet 2little-big-planet-2-boxart

Developer: Media Molecule   Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: January 2011

Creativity and customization are what you think of when you bring up Little Big Planet and in 2011 Little Big Planet 2 brought us a more immersive game. A game structured on creating your own obstacle and story, LBP 2 took what worked in the first game and tweaked everything for the better. To this day the community is still creating new and unique platform levels that would rival the creators very own imagination. It’s a game that should be experienced and will go down as one of the most creative things PS3 offered.

-Steven Merced-





God_of_War_3_GOW3Cover22. God of War III

Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: March 2010

When it first came out on PS2, God of War was an unique gaming experience that many on the console were not accustom too seeing. So when it came to GOW 3 Sony Santa Monica knew that it had to come out with a bang on the next gen. What they gave the PlayStation fans was not a game; it was a formula on how to 1up everything you have done before.  It demonstrated how to take what you do well and make it even better. Improving on everything from storytelling to the combat system it was a game that needed to be played.

-Steven Merced-





21. BorderlandsSO1703_ONLYON_MM108

Developer: Gearbox Software            Publisher: 2K games   Released: October 2009

Whether it is the excellent gun gameplay or the laugh out loud humor, Borderlands never had me bored while I played through it.  There are many guns and each one has its own feel and none seem like copy and paste weapons we see so much in other shooters.  Characters such as Claptrap that you meet on your journey help show off the games over the top tone.  Each class you have the option of choosing have their own pros and cons and none of them play similar if you play to their individual strengths.  My only major complaint is that the plot is terrible and the ending is a big letdown.  It would also be nice to have the map on the screen at all times.  All in all, whether it is playing with a friend or solo, Borderlands is a gem that each gamer should play through at least once in their lifetime.

– Dylan Mickanen-




journey-box-art20. Journey

Developer: Thatgamecompany          Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: March 2012

When my friends ask for a great PS3 exclusive to play, this is one of the three go to games for me to choose.  The game is only a few short hours long, but every second of this dialogue less game evoked so much emotion out of me that I was crying like a baby at the end.  The plot is very simple but is so effective it is mind blowing.  The visual style of the game is very unique and is one of the best looking games of the past generation, period.  The ability to play with a random person throughout the playthrough was unbeknownst to me during my first playthrough.  I thought I was interacting with the NPC companion programmed into the game.  It wasn’t until the credits that it revealed to me that I had experienced this emotional roller coaster ride with another living human that made Journey one of the best PS3 games ever.

-Dylan Mickanen-



19. Dues Ex: Human Revolution5511311994_5671665e0d

Developer: Eidos Montreal     Publisher: Square Enix, Feral Interactive                   Released: August 2011

Dues Ex, made available in 2011, developed by Edios Montreal and published by Square Enix, looked back at the past, from the previous game in the series, of the ever brooding Adam Jensen after a near death experience that leaves him as being mostly cyborg. The future is dark (both metaphorically and literally) and the futuristic world you find yourself wandering around in is filled with corruption, suspicious characters and deadly organizational groups. Dues Ex made for some of the best stealth moments brought to gaming, especially when paired with cyborg augmentations, and the conversations to be had in the game were truly quite emotional. While boss battles felt a bit out of place, the game still made for a very enjoyable cross platform experience worthy of this list. On a side note, the director’s cut version for this game was recently released (with refined mechanics and improved bosses), so if you haven’t played this game already, make sure to check it out!

-Alex Macus-


gta-v-fake-cover-art-ps3-118. Grand Theft Auto V

Developer: Rockstar   Publisher: Rockstar     Released: September, 2013

GTA V is Rockstar’s finest work and a game that redefines what we gamers expect from a free roaming game. From its singleplayer, with fun and enjoyable missions and iconic characters, to its online, that after its terrible launch now seems to have settled and provides an always growing and expanding playground to be enjoyed over the years to come, GTA V is one of the best games this generation that excelled at pretty much everything it tried to achieve.

-Dylan Ray Thornton-





17. Mass Effect 3Mass_Effect_3_PS3_Cover

Developer: Bioware    Publisher: EA   Released: March 2012

Mass Effect 3, a sci-fi RPG released in 2012 for most platforms, developed by Bioware and published by EA, was a satisfying conclusion to the series. While the ending was one of the most heatedly debated topics over the year, there is no denying that Mass effect 3 had some of the best moments in gaming, especially for those who were able to carry over saves from previous games. Every character was extremely well fleshed out, combat was well integrated and the level of control you have in decision making really immerses you in the world. To top it off, the multiplayer mode, new to the series, was surprisingly fun and a pleasant surprise to what was already an amazing single player experience. Yet another easy choice for a cross platform game that makes it onto this list.

-Alex Macus-



CD4MW_ps3PKG_DL_00116. Call Of Duty  Modern Warfare

Developer: Infinity Ward        Publisher: Activision    Released: November 2007

The game that started the first person shooter craze, Call of Duty Modern Warfare took the gaming community by storm. It introduced the world to a fast paced shooter with an online idea that no one could have imagined would have gotten this big. The campaign is full of suspense and packed with a ton of Hollywood movie moments that have been overused since. It started the epidemic and it is still looked at as the best to do it. For a game that came out in 2007 it is truly amazing that there is not much difference in graphics between the new one and this one, so I think that Infinity Ward did a outstanding job.

-Steven Merced-




15. Batman Arkham CityArkham-City-PS3-Cover-Artwork_5

Developer: Rocksteady studios           Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive    Released: October 2011

Batman Arkham City took what Arkham Asylum gave us and improved on it. It gave us a better sense of power in a city that was so large it made you truly feel like the caped crusader. It always felt like you needed to patrol the city to make sure the civilians were safe. Bringing with it amazing puzzles, great combat mechanics and an open world, it is easy to see why it made the list.

-Steven Merced-




Metal-Gear-Solid-4-Guns-of-the-Patriots14. Metal Gear Solid 4

Developer: Kojima Productions          Publisher: Konami       Released: June 2008

There really is no other game like MGS 5 on the PlayStation 3. It’s arguably the best game in the series because of the way that it took a giant leap in both mechanics and graphics from the previous installment. It took us on a journey that none of the other games could. Sure there are flaws but all that pales in comparison to just how original, complex and heartfelt this game is.

-Steven Merced-





13. Battlefield 371bxL3rfSHL._AA1001_

Developer: EA DICE    Publisher: EA   Released:  October 2011

Battlefield 3, or BF3, developed by DICE and published by EA back in 2011, has made it onto this list for being one of the greatest multiplayer modern warfare FPS’ available for its time. Even on the smaller servers for PS3, there was still much 32 player chaos to be had on the mammoth maps available, whether piloting across the skies in a jet, blowing stuff up in a tank or just shooting down everything in sight on foot. With BF4 recently released, there is little reason to go back to this one, but it will always be remembered fondly by those who played it as giving them some of their most memorable multiplayer gaming moments.

-Alex Macus-




red-dead-redemption_4cf399105e56b12. Red Dead Redemption

Developer: Rockstar   Publisher: Rockstar     Released: May 2010

Red Dead Redemption brought western games to a level never seen before. The scope Rockstar always aims for with huge areas to explore following the story of John Marston. This Red Dead was a thrill to play through with lots of things to offer and a certain authenticity that few other games are able to pull off. Rockstar manages to pull off another one of this generations finest and a game that nailed the western experience.

-Dylan Ray Thornton-





11. The Walking Dead_-The-Walking-Dead-PS3-_

Developer: Telltale Games     Publisher: Telltale Games       Released: (Started) April 2012

When it comes to games that made us care, the Walking Dead has to be on the list because of its set of characters that feel real and the fact you are given a major task of choice through the game. It is hard to forget the journey the Walking Dead took us on and even harder to forget the consequences of our own decisions and that is why the Walking Dead proved to be one of the best things us gamers got to experience this generation.

-Dylan Ray Thornton-





assassins-creed-2-box-cover-ps310. Assassin’s Creed II

Developer: Ubisoft      Publisher: Ubisoft        Released: November 2009

After a fairly boring and repetitive start of the franchise, the Assassin’s Creed series started to shine once it came to its sequel. Majorly improved on every level, ACII proved to be a fantastic game that offered a fantastic singleplayer story to play through with one of the more interesting endings in video games. Even after so many Assassins’ Creed games, most fans will never fail to forget how fantastic and important this entry was in this franchise.

-Dylan Ray Thornton-




2731786927_15e94693009. Bioshock

Developer: Irrational games  Publisher: 2K games   Released: August 2007

Bioshock, launched all the way back in 2007, developed by Irrational games and published by 2K, still stands as one of the greatest FPS games of its generation for most platforms. From the moment you arrive in the gloomy undersea world that is the city of Rapture, every moment is just breathtaking to behold. Throw in a combination of plasmids, that allowed you to electrocute enemies or hurl great balls of fire, as well as the ever intimidating big daddy’s and you get some of the most epic combat moments. The final boss battle was somewhat disappointing, but the gameplay experience more than made up for this. If nothing else, Bioshock has by far one of the most memorable plot twists brought to gaming and, even to this day, is well worth going back and playing.

-Alex Macus-



far_cry_3_ps318. Far Cry 3

Developer: Ubisoft      Publisher: Ubisoft        Released: November 2012

When I first bought this game, it was because it was on sale 50% off and I needed something to play.  What I got was a gaming experience I will never forget. At one point, I played the game for 6 and half hours without a single break and didn’t even advance the plot one bit.  I found the island very exploration friendly but focused unlike other open world games to be released as of late. The villain Vaas was very memorable and I can now tell you the definition of insanity, it is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I went into Far Cry 3 with little expectations and came out with one of my favorite games of all time.

-Dylan Mickanen-



7. Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deceptionuncharted3_standard_t

Developer: Naughty Dog        Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: November 2011

Naughty Dog’s last take on Uncharted this generation proved how a developer can push a console to its limit and do it right. Uncharted 3 looks gorgeous and it feels like sitting there watching a block buster movie but that’s not just it, it had a very solid story being a little bit less predictable than the second entry and gameplay refined to the best. Playing through Uncharted 3 is a joy and whilst many won’t feel this game is perfect, that does not take anything away on how good Uncharted 3 really is.

-Dylan Ray Thornton-




Heavy-Rain_Cover_Art_lg-889x10246. Heavy Rain

Developer: Quantic Dream    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: February 2010

I had the day off of school and decided to finally put in Heavy Rain and man was I glad I did.  I finished the game in one sitting and although there were some plot holes here and there, I found the narrative incredibly engaging.  The mystery behind the Origami Killer is very well done even if it would have been cooler had the identity of the killer changed depending on previous choices.  The three main characters are very fun to play as and the quick time event heavy gameplay surprisingly never got old.  It worked very well for immersing me into the characters and made me feel as if I was these people.  It did get slow in some parts, but never boring enough for me to put down the controller.  The blend of emotion and narrative Heavy Rain oozes is the reason it is on this list.

-Dylan Mickanen-


5. Mass Effect 2me2ps3pftbbfc

Developer: Bioware    Publisher: EA   Released: January 2011

Sure it might have been late to the party, but that made it all the better to experience. For the year before its release on the Sony platform many PlayStation gamers were to just sit back and hear of the massive tales of Commander Sheppard and the Normandy Crew. Listening to fellow fan boys speak of what an amazing gaming experience it was and how PlayStation owners would never get the pleasure of playing it. Well that all changed in 2011 when Bioware and EA brought the RPG shooter to the PlayStation 3. Yes, we had to wait but it was a wait worth having. When it arrived on PS3 it brought along all of the DLC and none of the kinks that it had on Xbox 360. If you have not played Mass Effect 2 or any game in the series than you are doing yourself a disservice and should not consider yourself a gamer on any level.

-Steven Merced-


portal-2-ps3-box-art-rating-pending4. Portal 2

Developer: Valve        Publisher: Valve                      Released: April 2011

After the classic that was Portal, the bar was set extremely high for Portal 2, released on 2012, developed and published by Valve for most platforms. Amazingly, Portal 2 not only met these expectations, but soared high above them, with an extended, engaging, good looking singleplayer, new puzzles, the return of the ever psychotic AI GLADOS, the addition of the timid but hilarious AI Wheatly and a new, completely enjoyable, co-op mode. Portal 2 added everything a gamer could possibly want in the series and did it well, bringing with it whole new ways to think with portals. The ending was spectacular, there were plenty of easter eggs to be found making for extra playability and the co-op system allowed for co-ordination without even the use of a mic, making this an easy choice as one of the many games to make this list.

-Alex Macus-


3. Batman: Arkham Asylum952338_110523_front

Developer: Rocksteady studios           Publisher: Edios, Warner Bros interactive     Released: August 2009

Nearly every single licensed video game sucks, as does almost each superhero video game, but Batman Arkham Asylum disproved both of those trends.  Developed by Rocksteady, Batman Arkham Asylum is one of the best Batman games yet.  It really makes one feel as if they are the caped crusader having to traverse through Arkham Asylum to foil the Joker’s plans. The combat system is fantastic and is very easy to get used to.  When you successfully counter a goon’s attack, it makes you feel as if you are Batman and kicking some butt. The voices from Batman The Animated Series are perfect for their respective characters and really bring them to life.  The only down side to this gem of a title is a disappointing final battle, but the Scarecrow sections of the game make up for it.

-Dylan Mickanen-



Uncharted_2_NA_boxart2. Uncharted 2

Developer: Naughty Dog        Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: October 2009

I know for many this comes as no surprise, Uncharted 2 Among Thieves was a game that for many years defined the PS3. When they speak of games that can be considered system sellers Uncharted 2 defiantly comes to mind. The reason I say this is because Among Thieves is the reason I switched from Xbox to PlayStation. From the very beginning Uncharted 2 did things that no one had ever seen before on a console. It took a movie style approach to the game and told us a story that could rival any Indiana Jones film.  The game improved on every single part of the previous installment. It gave us a combat system to be proud of while also introducing a 3rd person online multiplayer shooter that no one was expecting or knew they were missing.  The Uncharted franchise is the main reason that my PS3 will stay connected for a long time and will never be forgotten as one of the best gaming consoles I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

-Steven Merced-



1. Last of UsThe_Last_of_Us_Art_MO_03

Developer: Naughty Dog        Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      Released: June 2013

The Last of Us is the reason I bought a PS3 in the first place.  From the E3 reveal all the way to June 14, 2013, no game had me more pumped than this title.  Before I picked up the game, I saw a ton of perfect scores and got worried the game might have been too hyped up.  Thankfully, I was dead wrong.  No game I have ever played has evoked more emotion and made me feel as if I am the characters than this game. From the first 20 minutes to the end credits, the game had me laughing, getting mad, and above all else crying.  Whether they were tears of happiness or of sadness, there were plenty of them streaming down my face throughout the 18 hours it took me to finish this journey.  During the winter portion of the game, I sat there in my room in my boxers in the dead heat, but the game made me feel freezing and I was an emotional mess. No game has made me more emotionally invested than The Last of Us and it is among my favorite games of all time.

-Dylan Mickanen-


So whats your favorite PS3 game? What’s your top 5? Make sure you comment below and share this list with your friends.

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