Top 5 Games of 2013 | Jeremy


5. Injustice Gods Among Us
Let me start this off by saying that unlike most MK fans I thoroughly enjoyed this team’s previous attempt at DC characters with MK vs. DC, so as soon as I heard that they were given another crack at these wonderful characters I was ecstatic to say the least to see the things they’d do this time around. This time not only were we treated to great gameplay with some new and exciting fighting game elements, we were also given an incredible story that was help brought to life by some of the best voice actors ever who voiced some of the characters featured in the game. I still whip this game out anytime friends are over or when I feel like fulfilling some fights I’ve imagined ever since I was a kid. The last thing I’d like to say is that I really love that this game actually came up with a nice video game/comic book type way of explaining how someone like Joker can go up against someone like Superman and not be obliterated in one punch.

4. Batman Arkham Origins
I freaking love Batman, I love Batman the Animated series which also featured my favorite Batman of all time played by Kevin Conroy. Knowing all that, the first two Batman Arkham games are two of my most favorite games of all time. I was really pumped for this game when it was first announced but that started to wain as soon as I heard that not only were Rocksteady not developing the game they also recast the role of Batman and Joker with much younger voice actors. So until the game was released I largely ignored the game unlike the previous two where I read every article on them as well as watched every single new trailer. My excitement only came back right before the game came out with this really gorgeous and emotional trailer that I just couldn’t help but go out and play this in hopes that it came close to capturing what made the past two games so much fun. And for the most part it really succeeded and in some instances it improved areas of the previous games with how it handled some of the boss fights. But what really holds it back is that this game was clearly rushed out before it was finished, evidenced by the fact that the game was marred by constant freezing, glitches, crashing, as well as the fact that the multiplayer component of the game that I found to be quite fun was useless because of how hard it was to just get into a match and play it, which last time I checked had yet to be fixed. The thing that really keeps it on my list is that the story side of things was great as well as the ever fluid combat that honestly seemed a bit slower than usual to me but doesn’t ruin the experience.

3. Pokemon X and Y
I’ve already covered most of how I feel on this game for the site already so I’m gonna keep this one on the short side. I was a huge Pokemon fan back in the day when it came out and still am for the most part, but with the last couple generations I usually tend to only buy or play the first game released on the newest handhelds. So I was shocked when I played this game and found not only is the graphics overhaul a much welcomed change, the entire game experience is so much more fun and addicting than it ever was before. Level grinding is no longer the chore it was in previous generations due to the new and improved exp. share, as well as the fast paced story line and just how alive they made this Pokemon world feel compared to past games.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5
I’m a big fan of GTA due in part to how fun it can be to wreak havoc in it’s world, but the other part being that no one seems to breathe life into a open world game just like Rockstar Games can. This is probably their best one yet with how it’s so varied in that it has this huge expansive cityscape, but travel further in and you’ll notice that they’ve also given it a huge desert landscape as well. Now ask anyone who’s played GTA 4 and I’m sure they will tell you that their favorite mission was the awesome bank heist, which was my favorite part of the game as well. So as soon as I heard that Rockstar was taking that into account by making heists be a major part of this game, I was hooked to say the least. Not only that but we were also given the ability to play as three different characters, four if you count the one that you create and play with in GTA online. Just such a great and expansive game to go and play around in be it by yourself or online with friends and strangers.

1. Lego Marvel Superheroes
Never would I think that my favorite game of the year would end up being a Lego game, that’s not to say there is anything wrong with Lego games but at the same time it’s a freaking Lego game what could be so special about it. Well let me tell you this game is so much freaking fun and pains me to say that it takes a Lego game to get right something that should be so easy to pull off. What is that you may ask? Well it’s the fact that they were able to bring so many Marvel characters together in one game be it the top tier characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine, to the lesser known characters pulled from the the huge pool of characters that Marvel has created throughout the years. Not only does it do that but it also brings them into a living breathing open world game where all the major known locations of the Marvel universe located in New York are there from the Xavier mansion all the way to Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, even the Helicarrier is accessible high up in the sky above New York. Not to mention how with the last Lego game it is all fully voiced, but they’ve even improved how the red bricks are handled within the form of Deadpool missions accessible after obtaining a certain amount of gold bricks. This is exactly why this game is number one, due just to how amazing it is to finally have an open world marvel game full to the brim with characters both obscure and fan favorites, which so far has led to countless hours of fun and I’m sure that won’t stop anytime soon.

Honorable Mentions.

Battlefield 4
Main reason why it’s not on my list at all is due to the fact that my favorite class from the past two battlefield games has been messed with so much to the point where the support class can’t really refill it’s ammo or other players ammo for explosives like C-4, claymores, or rocket launchers.

Scribblenauts Unmasked
Reasons why this game didn’t make it is based purely on how the gameplay really doesn’t feel like it belongs in a full release game to me. Certain things like green lantern powers are so random during fights to where they don’t even activate sometimes. The only reason why I go back to this game is just how fun it is to mess with how many DC comics characters that they managed to squeeze into the game.

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