Top 5 Worst Voice Acting Moments In Video Games


#5 Chaos Wars


No f**ks were given when the developers brought in all their friends to lend their voice to this dialogue heavy RPG… game… thing. When one of the characters asks why they are involved in this I’m pretty sure she went off script and was asking a real question.



#4 Shining Force III


My Artic Blast is simply FABULOUS!


#3 Devil May Cry


I should have been the one to pay more attention in acting classssssssss… classssssssssss… classsssssss…



#2 Mega Man 8


Do you know who I am? I’m Dr. Mother Fucking Light! Do I look like I do second takes? Now get out there and find Dr. Wally, or whatever, I don’t care… Where’s my scotch, I was promised scotch!



#1 Michigan: Report from Hell





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