The Walking Dead: “Consumed” Review


This week should have been called the Carol story because we largely focused on what Carol has been doing.  The opening, while interesting that we finally got to see what Carol had done after she was banished but before she joined up with Tyreese it felt too late. At this point it’s been a year since we saw these her go and almost a year since her return. The sadness over her actions and her unwillingness to just give up was nice, but we had already assumed that thanks to her return.

The story picked up where Daryl and Carol split up from the group. Tailing the car that took Beth previously led them into Atlanta again. Their pursuit was promptly detoured in which we got to see some more bonding between the two of them. Their scenes are well written, but to the credit of Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, they deliver those silent moments in a way that lets you understand how deep their bond really runs. They understand each other and don’t have to ask with each other.

Despite them having an understanding, they don’t ultimately know each other. This was explored in the second half of the episode starting with the painting. It wasn’t until Carol was going to shoot Noah for stealing their weapons and Daryl stop her did the rift begin to grow. It was a big rift. As we’ve seen from this newer tougher Carol she is all about surviving by any means necessary and she’s going to make sure the people she cares about are there with her. Daryl feels the same, but he’s the more gentle of the two, which is ironic since Daryl will rise to the occasion when he has to fight.

twds05e06x01I’m really glad that this season has opted for an all or nothing style. We are no longer seeing a little bit of one group and a little bit of another. Now teases of what’s going on with others spread into a majority one group episode. Instead, we’ve been focusing on one group at a time. It’s allowed for the episodes to be more cohesive.

One of the frustrating things about the structure of the show and knowing all sides of the story is when people who don’t know each other run into each other.  In this case we know that Noah is a good kid, mostly. And we’ve spent seasons knowing that Carol and Daryl are good people. However they kept ending up in conflict, until the final moments when the hospital was mentioned. It can be frustrating when you just want the two parties to talk. If only they would, they would understand where the others were coming from and the problem would be resolved. Unfortunately, that removes tension. Thankfully, it was not drawn out any longer than necessary and it appears that Noah will be fully on board with helping Daryl and the rest go to the hospital to get both Beth and Carol.

One moment I could not just get behind with my suspension of disbelief was the fall off the bridge in the van. Yes, I can completely see them surviving that fall. What I can’t believe is how that vehicle which was tipping, and we saw falling nose first, ended up landing on its wheels. Sorry, I don’t buy that and it really took me out of the whole moment. Though I did enjoy seeing the walkers fall on the vehicle after. It was a nice touch of macabre that makes this show more enjoyable.

I have to mention Carol getting taken to the hospital. Now I rewatched that scene a number of times as she is hit by the car. Now it could have just been the stunt woman prepping for the stunt of getting hit by the car, but it made it look as though Carol was actually preparing for the hit. If she was in fact prepping that would mean she intended to be taken in. Not that she isn’t legitimately hurt, but I think it may have been done with intention, We’ll have to wait and see if it was part of her plan after all.

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"Consumed" brought us through the journey that Carol and Daryl went on in an attempt to find Beth. The journey allowed the two to bond and share how they've grown and changed throughout the series.

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