The Walking Dead “Crossed” Review


With two of their group locked in that hospital in Atlanta it’s time for a group of the survivors holed up in the church to help with them get them free. While time are ready to go out there and do what has to be done, Rick makes it clear that he doesn’t want to go back into Atlanta. He does go because he feels he owes it to Carol. Michonne hangs back with Carl, Judith, and Gabriel. What this episode does well is that we aren’t forced to sit around as the group plans on exactly how they are going to attack the hospital. They just go. The Walking Dead of the past would have had them sitting around plotting their attack. It took half a season to launch an attack on the Governor’s town. Don’t get me wrong, they participated in their fare share of planning, but they were on the move.

One of the concessions Rick made while planning was to take some of the Grady officers hostage (thanks to Tyreese). They were to be used as ransom. I enjoyed that their plan worked even better than they had hoped in that the Grady troubles of power were further revealed. However, these are still smart people and I hated that we saw Sasha played a fool. It was frustrating because they were still the enemy. Ow ever, him revealing that his name was Bob made him a soft spot for her, when she needed to toughen up. Hopefully, this will get Sasha back on the straight and narrow. Then again she had bought into the Governor before too.

There was a glorious set piece in the middle of Atlanta, where a FEMA location had been burn to a crisp. The ground was charred. walkers littered the ground in heaps of raw flesh. There were dead charred to nothingness, leaving behind leathery skin and dead bodies. The walkers that were still kicking were glued to their spots. It was disgusting and amazing. Daryl using one of their heads as a bludgeoning tool was a wonderful touch.

twds05e07x01We caught up with the DC crew as well this episode as Eugene was still knocked out cold. The tensions were high between all the characters with their sense of purpose gone. Each of them are struggling with their new state of uncertainty in different ways. Yet again, Glenn is stepping in as a great unifier. It’s kind of amazing how so many people are drawn to Glenn. Now it’s his time to step up. That said, this section of the story was the most frustrating. While it was nice finding out what was going on with them, this entire story line was a bit of a periphery to the main conflict. To add to that, there was no real progression other than the group reuniting and determining that they were going to indeed stick together as everything worked out.

Back at the church the four of them barricaded in. While Gabriel was desperately trying to clean the blood off his floors, Carl started spouting about protecting themselves. Carl was not born into this world, but he’s growing up in it. His view of staying alive has been colored by a life where the living try to kill him and the dead pursue him endlessly. He has to know how to not be afraid, how to stand up on this own and pull his weight to keep himself alive. It was Michonne’s reaction to seeing how much this world has come to effect Carl that was fascinating. The two have had a strong bond since they met. They seemed to see eye to eye and it often felt like Michonne saw him as a little brother.

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