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*****Read at Your Own Risk Spoilers ! *****

Nearly all our groups were back in play in this week’s episode, “Us”. For the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s fourth season this really did not build the tension it needed to. We saw updates of group after group and while we know that everything is building to something that involves Terminus, instead things felt like a mid-season episode without high stakes.

Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene
Eugene is a strange, strange man, but he likes video games and dinosaurs. He imparts his knowledge about home made batteries and goes right back to talking about games. Moments later, there was a nice conversation between Tara and Abraham. He may not be a man with smarts, but he’s observant and knows how the world works and how to survive. He picked up rather quickly that Tara was a lesbian and that they likely wouldn’t stay as one big family unit beyond finding a sufficient vehicle Abraham could use to get Eugene to DC.

It was a great moment when Glenn and the gang ran across the message Maggie, Sasha, and Bob left saying to go to Terminus. The looks on Abraham and Rosita’s faces were great as all their hypotheses that Maggie was dead were just blown out of the water. For Glenn it was proof that he needed to keep going because Maggie was still out there looking for him.


Still on the road, Abraham demands that they take a break. They need to rest. After an awesome zombie death in which it fell off a tower into a splat, Tara is knocked out of the way and hurts her ankle. Glenn proposes if they keep going an don’t stop, he’ll give up his riot gear to Eugene an offer Abraham is willing to take, despite Rosita’s protests. Rosita is the only one who seems to realize that Tara’s guilt is ruling her decisions whether they are good for her or not.

In the path that Abraham and Glenn’s group goes, there is a tunnel filled with walkers that they need to go through or spend a day going around. Glenn is so driven by hope he decides to go through rather than around like Abraham suggests. As they part ways, the group acknowledges that Glenn and Tara are good people. The two are on their own in a dark tunnel and they stop to talk about feelings. Not the smartest thing to do.

In the tunnel, they notice it was caved in and blocked. The blockage was recent though. Even still, Glenn plows through the blockage and climbs on top to see the other side of the tunnel. Unfortunately there are a bunch of walkers waiting on the other side to chow down. Glenn was just relieved he didn’t see Maggie, but Tara makes a stand for herself. They have to find another way. Pushing through is not an option. Glenn decides to use a flashlight as a distraction as they sneak away a different direction. It worked well until Tara slipped and her ankle got trapped under a rock.

We got out first look at Abraham, Rosita and Eugene alone as they found a car. There was some fun bickering between Rosita and Eugene about who should navigate. They behave like siblings that don’t like being around each other but are forced to do it.Turns out, Eugene really cares about Glenn and Tara. He navigated them to the other side of the tracks where he expected them to come out alive. They fond Maggie, Sasha, and Bob on the tracks in a way that completely shocked Eugene.

Glenn and Tara wee still stuck in the tunnel when Tara told him to go on without her. Glenn isn’t a bad guy and refused to just leave her and let her die. He starts to shoot the walkers until he runs out of bullets. Suddenly some shrouded figures pile out of a vehicle and mow down the rest of the walkers. Glenn and Maggie are finally reunited. I’m glad that story line is over because it was becoming tedious and didn’t add much depth to anything.

The tunnel is now the perfect place for them to hole up for the night. Glenn didn’t reveal that Tara was with th governors group and just said she was the kind of person who wanted to help. The group isn’t all hunky dory though they are seeing relatively eye to eye. Pretty much everyone wants to stop at terminus before possibly moving on to DC.

Glenn and Maggie’s group reached Terminus, but it looked deserted rather than a sanctuary. These people are far too comfortable and it’s far too empty. I’m nearly certain this will be going the comic and game route and well see cannibals. There are just too few people considering all the signs that are up in the area. Not to mention the open call for all to come. It seems like they are corralling people in, feeding them, then using them as their future food.

Daryl & the Rebels
The rebels that Daryl is with are rather brash. Yet, they are effective and know how to survive, but that just makes them scarier. These are men with their own morality code and the only people there to keep themselves in check are themselves. Daryl does not belong with the rebels. When one of them begins saying terrible things about Beth, Daryl nearly killed the man. But this band of rebels have rules and Daryl has to follow them now.

Daryl and the rebel leader is doing his best to convince Daryl that he needs friends. He tries to make it clear that he needs them because being alone is not a viable option. There was also an odd cat analogy.

Daryl isn’t doing well with the rebels. He is too good a man. In their place for the night, the others claim their cars to sleep in leaving Daryl to sleep on the ground. I find it hard to believe that Daryl ever belonged with people like that. In fact, I think that Daryl had the life he did because of his upbringing and Merle.

Back with the rebels the man that Daryl was having a conflict with tried to get Daryl in trouble. They had to tell the truth and Daryl did. The result was the leader saw it happened and punished the other guy. It’s clear that they are a rough bunch but they are trying to be the best people for surviving this world. Daryl really is sentimental. When he sees his enemy dead, he covers him rather than leave him. Turns out the rebels are tracking rick. Daryl was told about the entire encounter but had no idea it was his good friend Rick.

Rick, Michonne, Carl
We didn’t get much, but we finally caught up with Michonne, Carl, and Rick and Carl and Michonne are having a bit of fun making a bet. It’s nice seeing her smile, but she does act a bit juvenile now. That said, things will change when they learn that the rebels are still on on their trail and have to figure things out on the way to Terminus.

Daryl really is sentimental. When he sees his enemy dead, he covers him rather than leave him. Turns out the rebels are tracking rick. Daryl was told about the entire encounter but had no idea it was his good friend Rick.

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"Us" wrapped up one of the major second half storylines, but didn't build the tension for the finale.

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