What The Power Rangers Movie Sequel Needs to Improve on the First


Before I begin, yes it says what the movie sequel needs to improve. Not because I know what that will look like, but more in terms of what it needs based off of what happened in the first movie.

I know I liked the Power Rangers Movie when it initially came out, review and all. However, It was hard for me to get too hyped as the months passed having the Go Go books do the beginning stuff with a bit more vigor. As most you would know who follow my comic reviews of the Power Rangers monthly, you know that for me these are some of the best stories to follow right now in that universe. Between Go Go Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers they consistently break boundaries for the Rangers during those times and take bigger risks.

For me, there are certain things that this “big sequel” needs if the franchise has any chance of becoming memorable. Aside from this recent news of the early stages of production, that is the first you have heard of the movie since around the time of its release. Everything else has been hype about the current books which have surpassed expectation so far.

First, they need to tone down the teenage drama. It took more time than I needed to let it sink in as to how cliche some of these Rangers came across. What makes the Power Rangers who they are is the bond between them that didn’t have so many rough patches. They are supposed to be chosen because they have the potential to wield this power. Being broken and outcasts does nothing but set up for unnecessary drama that keeps us from properly getting to know these characters and what they can accomplish when on the same page. Being as broken as they are, there will always be things that will either not make sense or come off as forced. Their power shouldn’t have had come from their connection to each other either, but their connection to the grid itself. With the sequel, they need to dial back. I don’t care if they even have to jump some months into the future where they have gotten over themselves, but they need to evolve into kids who don’t seem like they are there to simply fill a niche.

As Power Rangers, they need to be able to hail themselves as superheroes. That word isn’t used nearly enough to describe them, and that is the impression we need to be left with next, rather than simple heroes of circumstance. It drove me crazy that there was so little time of these Rangers actually being Power Rangers. That’s the name of the movie. There’s a time for the hero earning something, and a time to give viewers exactly what they came there to see. The sequel of all things must prioritize giving us more of that, and less of everything else that honestly could have been cut.

We also need a Zordon who can be seen as an actual guide, than another obstacle. When you’re using him as another tool to show the impact of adults on kids, he loses what makes him favorable. The same can be said about Alpha who needs to prove having more relevance than being a robot who doesn’t really act like a robot. Alpha needs to have some part of his personality that can taken serious enough to guide the Rangers. Being goofy only gets you so far.

For the sequel, Jason needs to be the leader and not have the team go in circles fighting authority. We get it, no one likes to be told what to do. However, if someone is going to be the leader, they need to figure that out without resorting to the same mentality that screws them up. Billy in the sequel needs to not just be talking to one person. These kids might not all be friends yet, but even with his autism, they need to show that he can be in a group and not scream Jason when there are three other people around him. As for the rest of them, it’s really not necessary to be so self-destructive. High school and everything, though that is not an excuse for the team to be one word or action away from imploding.

The list could go on, but I don’t really want to be that guy. At the end of the day, this movie did just barely scrape by in ticket sales in contrast to most adaptations with a fanbase like Power Rangers’. If they need to turn back to some things familiar for the sequel, then that is what they need to do. There’s nothing to lose but money if they dive deeper into changes for the sake of updating to modern times. The comics have done this and managed to do so while sticking to the core of Power Rangers at the same time.

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